Events: SIFI at Lucca Comics and Games 2017

SIFI – the leading Italian ophtalmic company- was a main sponsors of the 2017 edition of Lucca Comics and Games, one of the most important events for videogame, comics, TV shows and cosplay.

The expo, capable of scoring an impressive audience of 600.000+ across five days, was the perfect stage for SIFI to put on display their latest release: the VideoRelax eyedrops. Specifically built to reduce the effects of red and tired eyes, VideoRelax is the perfect product for those spending long hours in front of the screen, be it for gaming sessions or binge-watching.

Through a massive marketing operation, thousands of samples of VideoRelax were delivered during the days of Lucca Comics and Games, via a staff of 15 people scouting the expo on foot and pit-stopping in 2 warehouses located in strategic areas of the city.

Moreover, 3 large billboards -featuring the now-iconic image of MotoGP rider (and SIFI-sponsored) Cal Crutchlow, were posted on the walls and in the alleys of Lucca, continuing the ongoing campaign that brought SIFI and VideoRelax on the covers and websites of the most important videogame outlets and features of the Country.

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