Sponsorship in Formula E: becoming a partner in a fast-growing championship

The interest and success of Formula E, the world’s first four-wheel electric championship, continues to soar, thanks to a clever mix of adrenaline, environmental sustainability and the highest levels of technology.

Founded in 2014, since its inception Formula E has attracted the attention of the world’s major carmakers, who are interested in the opportunity to showcase globally the importance of their social responsibility projects and their abilities in the field of electric vehicles.

The entire championship is founded around the three core values of Energy, EnvironmentEntertainment, succeeding in combining the highest engineering development, cutting-edge technology, sports, science, and design into one product inspired by the constant look to the future.

The Formula E races, whose calendar include 14 events in 12 countries, take place in the beating heart of cities, thus bringing motorsport within reach of fans, onlookers and enthusiasts.

Sponsoring Formula E means equipping oneself with an extraordinary marketing and communication platform, with a value, audience and technology profile of the highest level. Visibility, engagement, brand positioning, hospitality and PR opportunities are just some of the goals that sponsorship in Formula E can help you achieve.

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Sponsorship of the world’s most important electric championship

Formula E was officially born in 2011, in a Paris restaurant where FIA President Jean Todt and Spanish businessman, Alejandro Agag met to talk about the world’s first all-electric racing series. From the beginning, Todt and Agag wanted to design an environmentally friendly sport that had all the characteristics and excitement of a world-class championship.

Five factors were key as the two began to define the future of electric racing. First, all future cars, boats and trains on the planet must be electric and supported by a robust industry. Second, the batteries that power these cars, boats and trains should be charged only with renewable energy sources. Third, big data should be used to create safer roads and safer driving experiences for all. Fourth, shared vehicles with families, friends and colleagues traveling together are expected to replace today’s idea of mobility, with a huge impact on traffic, pollution and costs. Fifth, smarter, safer and more technologically advanced cars should be the goal of every manufacturer, ideally working toward the creation of autonomous vehicles.

While it was clear that electric vehicles and the use of sustainable energy represented the future of the automotive industry and a strong asset for those sponsoring Formula E, the sport needed an eye-catching, fast car to win fans around the world.

From the outset, the batmobiles designed by SPARK specifically for Formula E, with zero carbon emissions, have been nothing short of amazing. With a top speed of 280 km/h and a power output of 338 hp, Formula E cars are truly a marvel of research and development and guarantee exciting action and racing. There was no shortage of success, and it was remarkable and immediate.

The world’s top manufacturers willingly entered the competition, and so did the drivers, who came from the top racing series to form an exciting roster.

For those who wanted to sponsor Formula E, it was the perfect mix: a blend of action, sustainability, technology and speed. Leading companies from around the planet, such as Tag HeurDHL, BMW, Allianz, Heineken, Boss, and Enel, have quickly joined Formula E, adding further value to what is fast becoming the pinnacle of motor racing.

Now in its Ninth season, Formula E is a solid, healthy championship marked by technological and sporting advances of the highest order. Gen3, the new generation of electric cars that will make up the grid of the next championship is an extraordinary advance for the entire automotive industry, but also for fans, sponsors, and media around the planet.

Alexander Sims (GBR), Mahindra Racing, Mahindra M7Electro

The FIA Formula E Championship Today

Today, Formula E is a ground-breaking FIA single-seater championship and the world’s first fully-electric world championship. With its global footprint, racing around major cities and countries around the world, the series represents a vision for the future of the motor industry, serving as a framework for Research & Development around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting clean energy and sustainability.

With ABB as its title sponsor, Formula E operates as an open championship, allowing teams and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their own electrical drivetrain innovations. The championship’s marketing strategy centers around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science, design, music and entertainment – all combining to drive the future.

Here are some of the impressive numbers of the Formula E world championship:

  • 373 Million global fans
  • 316 Million Cumulative Audience
  • 35 Million Average Viewership per event
  • 3.5 Million social media followers
  • 875 Million video views
  • 151 Broadcast territories
  • +32% Increase in cumulative audience YoY
  • +22% Increase in web traffic YoY, setting new record
  • +9% Increase in social media followers Yoy
  • UK, ISA, Germany, Italy, France and Indonesia alla have new broadcast deals signed for the season.

The benefits of sponsorship. What Formula E sponsors and partners get

  • Partner status and official association with teams in the FIA Formula E Championship.
  • Visibility for the brand and active engagement within a global league promoting technology and sustainability content
  • A global marketing platform to communicate brand values
  • The opportunity to meet with broad, cross-sectional audiences in 14 countries around the world with on-site engagement activities
  • Exclusive hospitality packages and front row seats at Formula E races thanks to E-motion club program
  • Brand presence in E-Villages, the commercial fan zones built near the race track and visited by thousands of fans at every Grand Prix
  • Strategic B2B opportunities through a global network
Lucas Di Grassi (BRA), ROKiT Venturi Racing , 1st position,

RTR Sports Marketing: your Formula E sponsorship agency

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