Formula E Sponsorship: partnering with the world’s fastest growing Motorsport series

The first all-electric auto racing series in the world, FIA Formula E is also the world’s fastest-growing international motorsport series, blending the excitement of racing with sustainable initiatives and cutting-edge technology..

Established in 2014, Formula E has attracted some of the world’s largest manufacturers and brands, which are drawn to the championship’s ability to deliver important CSR corporate social responsibility messages and reach B2B and B2C audiences.

The championship centers around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sustainable energy, sport, science, design, music and entertainment – all combining to drive the future.

Formula E racing takes motorsports to the fans, with races held on the streets of major cities with dense populations. The Formula E calendar boasts 14 races held across 12 Countries and 4 Continents.

Sponsoring the Formula E BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team

Thanks to a multi-decade legacy, the Andretti family has become a key figure in global sport and pop culture. Today, Andretti are racing in the ABB FIA Formula E – Championship with the BMW i Andretti Motorsport team, while also fielding multiple entries in the NTT IndyCar Series.

Uniting the technical expertise of BMW i Motorsport with the racing heritage of Andretti Autosport, the BMW i Andretti Motorsport team is now shaping both the future of racing and mobility.

Through Formula E sponsorship, you’ll get the unique chance to enter the motorsport market in grand fashion. Engage with millions of new potential customers and clients, build a strong brand presence thanks to powerful storytelling opportunities and embark in one truly exciting and effective marketing journey.

Partnership Benefits. What do BMW i Andretti Motorsport Sponsors get:

Formula E Marketing activities and Formula E sponsorship can provide your brand with top-tier benefits and opportunities:

  • Partner status and association with the BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team in the FIA Formula E Championship.
  • Brand visibility and active involvement in a unique motorsport category promoting the potential of sustainable technology
  • A global platform for brands to communicate their values
  • Engaging with a global audience in a number of territories across the world
  • Hospitality packages and VIP seats at races via Formula E’s ‘E-Motion Club’.
  • Brand presence in the fan-focused “E-Village” attracting thousands of visitors during Formula E race events.
  • Strategic B2B Opportunities thanks to a global network

Why sponsoring Formula E: three key points

Sponsor Formula E for Sustainability. In a day and age where sustainability has become key, Formula E is a think tank for the world of tomorrow, inspiring innovative technologies and mixing excellent performances with a love for our planet. Such extraordinary machinery, capable of reaching 180 mph, are the perfect R&D lab for the manufacturers building the car of tomorrow.

Sponsor Formula E for City Center Presence. Unlike Formula 1, where races are held in circuits located in the outskirts of the cities, Formula E single-seaters race in the deep city center, thanks to their electric and super-silent powertrains. This means Formula E attendance is made up of a unique mix of people. For sponsors and partners of the series this is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on your sponsorship cost by engaging with tens of thousands of fans, tourists and regular citizens in just one place.

Sponsor Formula E for excitement. Most of the main auto manufacturers of the planet have accepted the Formula E challenge and put their car in the tarmac. Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and many more have already invested heavily in the sport, aware of the huge marketing benefits they can reap in terms of visibility, R&D and positioning. The competition among these powerhouses provides for thrilling on track action, also thanks to an all-star grid of drivers who is nothing shy of the F1 roster.

Formula E: Eco-Friendly Racing

Formula E was officially born in 2011, in a restaurant in Paris where FIA President Jean Todt and spanish business man Alejandro Agag met to plan the first all-electric racing series in the world. Since the very beginning, Todt and Agag wanted to design an eco-friendly sport that had all the features and the excitement of world-class racing.

Five factors were key when the pair started designing the future of electric racing. First: every car, boat and train on the planet in the future should be electric and backed by a robust industry. Second: batteries powering such cars and boats and trains should be charged only using renewable energy sources. Third: big data should be used to create safer roads and safer driving experiences for everyone. Fourth: shared vehicles with families, friends and colleagues traveling together should replace today’s idea of motion, with a huge impact of traffic, pollution and costs. Fifth: smarter, safer, technologically advanced cars should be the aim for every manufacturer, ideally working towards the creation of autonomous vehicles.

While thus it was clear that electric vehicles and the use of sustainable energy represented the future of the automotive industry and a strong asset for those who sponsor Formula E, the sport also needed an appealing and fast machinery to conquer fans across the world.

From the very beginning, the batmobilesque cars designed by SPARK specifically for Formula E with zero Carbon Dioxide emissions, were nothing short of amazing. With a max speed of 280Kph and a 338 bhp power, the Gen 2 Formula e cars truly are a prodigy of research and development and provide for exciting action and racing. It was a notable, and immediate success.

The world’s top manufacturers gladly entered the competition and so did the drivers, coming from the best motor series to form an exciting roster.

For those who wanted to sponsor Formula E, it was the perfect mix: a blend of action, sustainability, technology and speed. Leading companies from across the planet, such as Tag Heur, DHL, BMW, Allianz, Heineken, Boss and Enel quickly joined Formula E and adding extra value to what’s quickly becoming the pinnacle of motor racing.

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