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Valentino Rossi – licensing, agreement between VR46 & Packard Bell


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VR46, the company that holds the commercial rights to Valentino Rossi, thanks to the valuable consulting services of RTR Sports Marketing, has been able to seal an important licensing agreement with Packard Bell, the leading brand in the field of Information Technology.

Under the agreement Packard Bell will create a dedicated line of notebooks and netbooks carrying the signature of nine-times world champion Valentino Rossi. A range of products designed for the on-the-go lifestyle of all aficionados of exclusive, high-performance items. The computer’s design was entrusted to the creative genius of Aldo Drudi, Valentino’s graphic designer, who has integrated the most advanced technology available on the market with a style that is tough and full of vitality, shared by the world of sportsmen and the universe of Packard Bell users.

The lids of these must-have computers bear Valentino Rossi’s signature, the number 46, or the Sun & Moon featured on the champion’s helmet, or his now-famous nickname ‘The Doctor’.

The Valentino Rossi notebooks and netbooks by Packard Bell are bound to become a way for their owners to express themselves, to convey their personality to the world. To figure out new challenges. Like a true champion.

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