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Allison Spa is a company from Padua that produces, distributes and sells high-end eyewear. As well as the numerous brands it possesses under licence, the house can count upon self-owned brands such as TRY, a youthful and technological brand of glasses and sunglasses that stand out for their dynamic forms and lightweight structure.

The company turned to RTR in order to identify an endorser who fitted in with its brand values and who could lend a high profile to the brand. The fact that a sporting event without equal in terms of general interest like the Soccer World Cup is on the horizon contributed to the sealing of a deal with one of the leading figures in this global event: Marcello Lippi.

TRY has found an ideal partner in Marcello Lippi: a credible, determined and professional man who faces up to challenge with determination and irony, the ideal endorser of the TRY spirit. Marcello Lippi wears TRY because he fully shares its values of quality, style and wearability: a dynamic, lightweight, technological brand, eyewear that is able to accentuate the uniqueness of its wearer even further.

Allison has conceived and produced a pair of glasses designed specifically for the coach’s features. In addition, a small Italian flag has been applied to the arms of the glasses, a unique and distinctive element that makes them even more exclusive and recognisable at a moment when feelings of heartfelt, affectionate devotion to the national team spring up.

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