Corman x Clinica Mobile 2019

For the Third year in a row Corman have signed a partnership with the Clinica Mobile, the worldwide-known on-site medical center following the MotoGP Championship. Once again Corman will be an official Partner for the Clinica, providing know-how and medical goods and enjoying the multiple marketing benefits of the pinnacle of motorcycle racing.
Hailing from the outskirts of Milan, in their 72-year history Corman managed to become a successful and acknowledged company both in the Italian and in the foreign market. Their array of products can be found in more than 25 countries across the world, from Canada to Australia and from China to France.
Corman will team up with the Clinica with their Medipresteril brand, offering electromedical equipment and wound care items. Such products will be be used by the Clinica Mobile throughout the year at every round visited by Dr. Zasa’s side: an excellent endorsement for 
customers using Corman products for their daily needs.
The Medipresteril brand will get exposure on the Clinica Mobile truck, which MotoGP fans can find parked in the paddock right along their idols’ premises. Visibility and storytelling are key for the brand, alongside of course the excellent potential provided by having their products chosen by the heroes of motorsport.
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