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Jolly Hotels SpA

Italian Rugby Federation

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

About Project

The first ever Italian Hotel chain, Jolly Hotels, has become home to Italy’s national rugby team, “Rugby Azzurro”.

Italian rugby has enjoyed, for some years now, an amazing moment of growth and maturation. The Italian team has, as a matter of fact, officially become part of the prestigious “Six Nations Tournament”.

Italy entering in this tournament certainly carries an incredible historic value and it’s remarkable to note the commercial potential that this will also bring to the Italian team.

It was taking all this into account that, from April 1998 to 2002, Jolly Hotels has decided to become official sponsor and home to the Italian national rugby team, offering them hospitality in its facilities all over the country.

Italian rugby- and its language that surely is well understood in the region of Veneto where Jolly Hotels have their main offices- has enriched the Jolly Hotels company with all the values and believes that it naturally communicates: dynamicity, power, success, fairness and moral integrity.

The marketing program has offered Jolly Hotels numerous and amazing opportunities, amongst which there were:

  • Visibility for the brand (it appears on the player’s tops and on banners advertising matches)
  • Rights on the team image, through which it has been possible to advertise the company
  • Hospitality offered during sporting events
  • Presence of players and coaches at Jolly Hotel’s events
  • Priority given to Jolly Hotel’s facilities when organizing meeting between press and team
  • Commercial returns, thanks to Jolly Hotels offering discounts to the team’s fans, members of the FIR (Italian Rugby Federation)
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