110% X LCR Honda MotoGP


MotoGP Sponsorships: 110% and Coastal Real Estate x LCR Honda MotoGP Team

The agreement between the parties of Rete 110% and Coastal Real Estate and the LCR Honda team for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 MotoGP season is officially renewed. Logo prominently displayed on the motorcycles of Lucio Cecchinello’s team and official partner status of the team are the highlights of the agreement in favor of the Abruzzo-based company, which wants to continue the increasingly flourishing Rete 110% project.

In 2020, the state decided to initiate the “Bonus 110” for a comprehensive renovation of facilities across the country, with funding to cover the relevant expenses. Real estate has always been a topic dear to Coastal Real Estate, backed by its many years of experience in this field. Taking responsibility, a team of experts takes care of all bureaucratic and practical procedures to (re)build the future of the Belpaese.

Being a benchmark in its field for several years is also part of Lucio Cecchinello‘s reality. The former rider and current manager, stands out precisely because of his dedication to always give his all in the world’s most important two-wheeled championship. The winning attitude is the right one to undertake a project together, as he did in 1996 by founding his team and making his indelible figure in the sport.

RTR Sports Marketing is proud to announce the renewal of the relationship between LCR and 110%, wishing them both a successful year in their respective fields. Silvia Schweiger, the agency’s client manager, comments enthusiastically, “I am very happy with the contract extension between these two entities. Our goal as a sports marketing agency is to satisfy clients and nurture their ambitions by making them possible. The prerequisites for continuing to do well are all there“.

LCR 110%
LCR 110%
LCR 110%
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