Project Info

Monini SpA

Tour of 150 Shopping Centres

2002, 2003

About Project

Monini is the market leader for extra virgin olive oil and has asked RTR to create an “instore promotion”, so to publicize the brand over 150 shops around Italy. Aim of the whole campaign was to diffuse the “cultura dell’ olio” (oil culture) amongst the targeted customers.

A leaflet, full of information on the peculiarities and organic characteristics that make this product such an indispensable part of a healthy and balanced diet, played a very important part in the campaign. Most welcomed were the advices given on the best methods to choose a good olive oil.

Customers were invited to take part in a “True or False” game and test their knowledge on oil and its production, from picking to final product; an original solution to the task of communicating new information.

All those who took part in the game, received a discount on the purchase of one bottle of Monini’s extra virgin oil, “Monini Granfruttato”, and a free and unique olive oil- scented soap-bar. The campaign also involved a special promotion with prizes to be won: for every bottle purchased, the customer received a token; two tokens gave access to the bimonthly extraction of gift vouchers whilst with six tokens there was the possibility to participate at the final extraction of 5 Torpedo 125 scooters by Italjet.

RTR’s initiative allowed Monini to achieve:
• an original and enjoyable bond with their customers
• inform them on the real traditions and culture behind the product
• promote their “Monini Granfruttato”
• increase the sale of “Monini Granfruttato”

This collaboration with Monini has strengthened RTR’s experience in the field of promoting inside the GDO, thus increasing RTR’s level of expertise and diversification.

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