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The range of crackers sold under the Bauli-owned Doria brand was the subject of a project for the restyling and launch of the new products in the Doriano line. RTR Sports Marketing was commissioned by the Verona-based company to devise and stage the “Doriano Tour”, a travelling promotional tour dedicated to the new range of crackers with a traditional, light, flavoursome character. The tour was stationed in 30 shopping centres and sales outlets in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions through a dual marketing operation in the arcades and in-store.

In the arcades consumers were drawn in by the appetising samples on offer and could find out what was new about the products. To boost sales, the marketing operation in the arcades was supported by an in-store promotion with a hostess in the aisle guiding customers towards the final purchase step.

In all of the arcades and hypermarkets of the shopping centres involved, customers were also offered the chance to take part in the fantastic Doriano contest, with 100 Bianchi city bikes as instant prizes and a trip to Mauritius as the prize in the final draw for all entrants.

The goal of acquainting the public with the new tastes offered by the range of crackers was brilliantly achieved, meeting with great success among consumers.

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