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Motogp Sponsorship AgencySometimes we are asked by potential customers which Sports Marketing Agency they should consider for their activities around MotoGP and motorsports in general.

It’s a valid question – after all, there are many sports marketing agencies that are operating globally, and knowing which has a successful track record when it comes to MotoGP campaigns can be tough.

To help out, we have put together a list of what we believe to be the best agencies that work or have previously worked with MotoGP.

These agencies, spanning the globe from Italy to Toronto, have been present for years in the sector, proving their worth over and over again.

We hope that we can provide some information that will enable you to make an informed decision about which of the sports sponsorship agencies might be right for you.

You can make that decision by taking into consideration the factors you consider most important – whether that’s operational skills, previous experiences with clients in your business sector, on-field MotoGP activations, or something else entirely.

Why have we made this list?

Simply because we are so convinced that the MotoGP championship is one of the best sports properties in the world that we want you to consider it either way – regardless of our direct involvement in your marketing activities.

Italia Corre

Italia Corre says: “In work, we value human capital, as in sport: companies are made by men. We are based in Turin and we have been working since 2005 on the MotoGP platform and then SBK, circuits and structures that host events and competitions at national and international levels. The background matured in business consulting distinguishes us as carriers of innovative quality content. ”

Fastback Italy

Fastback Italy says: “We can make your brand run at incredible speed for all to see”

Sinequanon UK

Sinequanon UK says: “We help brands engage with their audiences whoever they are – their customers,
their employees or the media. Ignition a reaction. A meaningful reaction that
fires their emotions – an emotional connection, that drives behaviour and
results. ”


CSM says: “WE ARE CSM. We are a full service sports and entertainment agency. Building
brands, working with rights holders and creating live experiences with a fresh
perspective. Openly collaborative and constantly curious, we are creating
impact by challenging convention.

Via GP

Via GP says: “With our head office in Toronto, Canada, VIAGP specializes in providing clients with
varied marketing and branding opportunities and solutions – utilizing Grand
Prix racing, one of the world’s most viewed and emotive promotional vehicles.”


WWP says: “Our game is sports marketing: we consult and innovate. We build platforms, connecting partners around the globe. We enable and activate sponsorships.”


We say: Wasserman is a full-service, culture-centric agency that’s built to serve the best talent, brands and properties in the world.

Pole Position Travel

They say: “Pole Position Travel SE is dedicated to providing travel assistance for motorcycle
fans worldwide. We are currently looking for MotoGP, World Superbike and the
Isle of Man TT. ”

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RTR Sports Marketing is an independent motorsport sponsorship agency, we operate in any motorsports.
This means we can work with every team, every driver and every discipline …
Among these particularly interesting are MotoE and Formula E (if you are interested to Formula E you have to read about Formula E Sponsorship Agency) which represent a real mobile laboratory in which new technologies and technical improvements that we are going to see applied to future electric cars and motorbikes are studied in a competitive and challenging environment.
And the future is around the corner, just a few days ago Honda announced that from 2022 it is going to sell in Europe only Hybrid or fully electric cars, 3 years ahead of the previously established plan that was fixed for 2025.

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Managing Director for RTR Sports, Riccardo graduated in law at the University of Bologna. He began his career in London in PR, then started working in two and four-wheelers. A brief move to Monaco followed before returning to Italy. There he founded RTR, first a consulting firm and then a sports marketing company which, eventually, he moved back to London.
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