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The first World Championship of the FIM MotoE series will be opened officially on May the 5th 2019 at the MotoGP race on the circuit of Jerez (Spain). This new series with its five-round calendar (Spain, France, Germany, Austria and San Marino) will be the first ever full electric motorcycling championship, and this marks a significant innovation in the scenario of international motorsports competitions.

The increased sensitivity towards environmental and sustainability issues has had an impact on the racing world too, urging it to eventually adapt to the new trends with the initial kickoff of racing competitions involving full electric cars – the Formula E Championship, which is at present in its fifth season -, and the time now seems to be ripe for MotoE, the first step on the way to two-wheel full electric motorsports.

The head of the project and the string-puller is Dorna, the MotoGP and SuperBike Championship rights holder, which did not miss the chance to take control over a discipline that may in all respects be a highly futuristic and interesting opportunity for sponsors and investors. It is no coincidence that MotoE bikes will race during the various Grand Prix of the World MotoGP Championship, sharing the same circuits, paddocks and team ownership in most cases. Tech3, LCR, Gresini and Pramac are just some of the teams that will fill the grid with full electric prototypes and high-ranking riders.

As stressed above, MotoE is an especially stunning opportunity for sponsors who can benefit from a platform offering them international visibility, as well as an excellent story to tell for their marketing and communication initiatives.

Below are some of the major benefits that companies will enjoy from MotoE sponsorship.

Affordable budgets

On top of our list of opportunities is the fact that any company can become a MotoE sponsor with definitely affordable disbursements while they are still far smaller than the amounts paid for MotoGP, Formula E and Formula 1 sponsorships (Read more about Formula E Sponsorshit Agency). The access levels are now extremely competitive as the Championship is at its debut, and the cost of the first sponsorship packages starts from 25,000€ a season. As is reasonable to expect, this situation is temporary and this value is likely to increase rapidly as the seasons go by and in the years to come. For the time being, however …

Sustainability and environmental protection

Becoming a MotoE sponsor means joining a project that focuses on environmental sustainability, respect of the environment and clean energy. It is not just a matter of corporate social responsibility, but rather reliable prospects for the mobility of the future. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, sponsoring MotoE means having a great story to tell and combining your brand with positive values, which are largely appreciated by clients and partners alike.

International visibility

Alike MotoGP, its older sister, MotoE is a mobile marketing and communications platform that travels in different countries and creates engagement opportunities in various locations and at different times. The championship will provide extraordinary visibility not only in the 5 countries where it is run (Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and France) but also anywhere potentially, thanks to the MotoGP broadcasts. Races will take place on the same days as the premier class competitions and they will be broadcast on the same TV channels, in other words, the potential audience will include spectators in the 207 countries where the TV signal is received.

Shared MotoGP paddock

MotoE and the most award-winning two-wheel championship in the world share the same calendar and, what is more important, the same paddock. Become a MotoE sponsor and you will be given the opportunity to become a member of an exclusive club, i.e. the paddock of the motorcycle world championship, with its excellent B2B opportunities and great hospitality occasions for partners and clients.

Be an innovator and a first-comer

Do not miss the benefits of “first come, first served”, as an old saying goes. Enter a new, fresh and relatively competition-free category and do not miss the chance to find your own place in a scenario that is likely to become very profitable in the future. Of course, as the costs of MotoE sponsorship are necessarily bound to grow, companies who have been first to join the teams will have a privileged position, and first-comers will be able to enjoy valuable pre-emptive rights over renewals in the years to come.

What are you waiting for? Become a pioneer in a new category that is now moving its first steps on the road to success.
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Emanuele Venturoli
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