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For many who want to invest in sports marketing, a small to medium-sized agency is likely to be the most effective choice. So, what are the benefits of using a small agency over a larger one – both for your sports marketing purposes and for your marketing in general? Here are a few of our thoughts…

Focus on a specialism

With a small or boutique marketing agency, you’re likely to encounter a team of people who are specialists in one area rather than being generalists. At RTR Sports Marketing, for example, we’re all passionate about sports – meaning you’re getting account managers who really know their niche, rather than those who are working across multiple different types of sponsorship at the same time. Also, we’re all sports fans – so we can tell you what will and won’t work from an audience perspective as well as a professional one. Win and win.

Value for money

Smaller marketing agencies are, by their nature, more likely to be more cost-effective than large, multinational brands. This is because they’re less likely to have a hugely recognizable brand name to speak for them, meaning their prices are by necessity competitive in order to guarantee business. The sports marketing expertise that you can get from an agency like RTR Sports Marketing, therefore, provides a great opportunity for successful ROI.


Because small businesses, in general, tend to have less red tape to jump through than their larger counterparts, they are often able to be more reactionary and quicker to respond to changes that might be needed during activation or whilst a marketing campaign is running. This can, of course, be invaluable for those invested in sports marketing – injuries, the sale or movement of players or team members, and game or championship results are inevitable, and can often mean that campaigns need to be adjusted at the eleventh hour. Needless to say, it can be significantly easier to make this happen quickly and effectively if you’re working with a smaller Sports Marketing Agency.

A collaborative effort

The nature of small and medium-sized businesses means that, often, all hands are on deck when it comes to your sports marketing campaign and communication needs. The natural flow of ideas and the collaboration between team members who are all invested in the client, and who are likely to know what’s going on with most aspects of the campaign, is invaluable – when companies are relatively small every campaign is hugely important, after all.

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Emanuele Venturoli
Emanuele Venturoli
A graduate in Public, Social and Political Communication from the University of Bologna, he has always been passionate about marketing, design and sport.
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