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Many people who contact us for information on our services ask us a recurring question: “Is Misano or Mugello the best opportunity?”. This is not a trivial or obvious question. The two major Italian motor cycle racing circuits have very different features, over and above sport. Visibility, accommodation opportunities, geographical location and other aspects are key to organise a hospitality.

The circuit

The Mugello circuit is the top of the range if compared to the other MotoGP circuits. The Tuscan circuit is, perhaps, the most beautiful track of the world championship thanks to the conformation of the territory and some now historical features. Nestled in a valley and surrounded by the Tuscan hills, Mugello is a technical and fast circuit, which both riders and spectators love. Misano, on the other hand, has a more modern structure and geometries, and the fewer slopes make it less challenging. Despite this, the track in Romagna hit the record of falls in 2017, all three classes included, totalling 140 accidents in one weekend. The Grand Prix of Italy, on the other hand, has the lowest record of falls: “only” 26, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If we consider the view the spectators enjoy, the circuit named after Marco Simoncelli deserves a special praise. Its geography is such that the view is good on most of the track. This does not apply to Mugello where the track is often concealed among downward slopes and elevation changes.


Italian races are among the most expensive ones in the calendar. This is due to tax-related reasons in our Belpaese and it applies to the meadows, stands and the VIP Village alike. The prices of tickets for the VIP Village are exactly the same for both the Grand Prix of Italy and the Grand Prix in San Marino. For prices and additional information on the VIP Village, visit our Learning Center, here.

Similar economies are valid for the most traditional tickets as well: meadows, stands and central stands. The prices are more or less the same at the Misano and Mugello circuits where a ticket in the meadows on Sunday costs 90€ and a seat in the best stand 290€. One thing needs to be pointed out: these tickets have a changing value over time and become more expensive the closer the race is.


Accommodation is a key point when comparing the two circuits. As is self-evident, Misano is located in an area with more hotels as opposed to Mugello. Cattolica, Rimini, Riccione and the other towns of the Riviera Romagnola offer a wide range of accommodation opportunities, including hotels, guesthouses and B&B for all budgets and tastes. This is not exactly the case in the Tuscan inland, which offers stunning solutions in Scarperia, San Piero and other similar towns, but refers to Florence and Bologna for very large numbers. Florence is very often the focal point for departures and arrivals, despite its non negligible distance from the circuit. Around 40 kilometres of roads winding up and down the hills, where high traffic is experienced during the MotoGP days, separate the city from the circuit.


Road traffic

The difference in the territorial geography, as mentioned above, is the main discriminating factor when it comes to logistic organisation. Both the Misano and Mugello circuits suffer from traffic, a problem that is endemic to the organisation of sporting events in Italy. In both cases, you should be aware that you are very likely to find yourselves patiently waiting in line on Sundays. Waiting times may slightly be better in Romagna, considering the shorter distance from the motorway toll, but the difference is really very negligible.

Caution and patience are two key prerequisites to take a quiet trip to the circuit and home, especially on Sundays. As usual, our suggestion is to avoid leaving immediately after the end of the race. It is far better to wait until the evening comes and to leave at low traffic hours.


Both the Grand Prix of Italy and the Grand Prix of San Marino are two extraordinary motor sports events. They are amazing and very meaningful events for any two-wheel lover: none of the two, in its own way, can be missed. The Mugello circuit is a magical place for motorcycles and it is set in a location of rare beauty: the Tuscan hills, the unwinding bends, never ending ups and downs in the green make it a true temple for motor cycling enthusiasts. To Italians, it is the home Grand Prix, and the show from the meadows is breathtaking. The Misano circuit, on the other hand, is the perfect epicentre of Romagna, the “Land of Motors”. This is where you can breathe, listen to, eat and live the passion for motors (e mutòr, as the locals say). The circuit itself may not be as charming as the Tuscan circuit, but the Riviera Romagnola scattered around it offers limitless opportunities of fun and entertainment. In addition to this, the view on the track is excellent and the meadows are large and in strategic positions.


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