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Nike Celebrates Chicago Cubs World Series Win With ” Goodbye Someday”

Nike SomedayA small kid in a dusty, not-so-hype baseball diamond in -we suppose- residential Chicago is the main and only character in the new Nike commercial, shrewdly called “Someday”. The kid is playing alone, in a full Cubs Uniform, mouthing his own game commentary as he prepares for the pitch, gets ready to hit a homerun and happily runs throughout the field.

With a very old-fashioned but yet very effective movie trick, a real game commentary takes the place of the kids’ voiceover. “Holy cow, the Cubs win” the voice on the microphone screams among tears of joy and the cheering of the crowd, while on screen the kid merrily throws his cap towards a fictional bunch of fans.

Let’s be honest: it’s not the best Nike commercial of the decade, but it’s a pretty decent one. Especially if you had to wait, uh, 108 years to win something at baseball and this is like the best moment of your sporting life and you’re happy and proud to be from Chicago and a Cubs fan once again.

Because yeah, goodbye “someday”.

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Emanuele Venturoli
Emanuele Venturoli
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