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Anybody who has ever attended a great sports event can tell you how exciting, strong and inclusive is to be part of thousands of people chanting at their heroes. It is a unique feeling that lasts long and you end up craving for more, Sundays after Sundays: a sort of ritual that brings us back in the old days in which tribes gathered to celebrate together…

How does sponsorship affect customer behaviour?

It is our ritual and can be connected to different sports religions because for a fan his or her team is nothing short than a religion. It is something to believe in, something to talk about and something to worship every week. But how can such a strong link between a sports team and a fan/customer affect his/her purchase intention?

I attach here a simple scheme to show you how it works,


how does sponsorship affect sport

And here is a recent research whose results go the same way: “Analyzing the influence of attitude towards sponsor and sponsorship awareness to purchase intention in Manado (case study: MotoGP)”

You can download a PDF of it at this link

The research underlines that Sponsorship creates a positive attitude towards the brand that results in purchase intention.

It is clear by now, that sponsorship is a flexible tool that gives multiple opportunities to companies: brand awareness, opportunities for public relations and hospitality at events, promotional and engagement activities, storytelling possibilities up to and including Licensing.
Now add to all of this an indisputable ability to impact sales

And if this is not enough, keep buying those ads on the telly, but please go once to an event, and take a plunge in the atmosphere, enjoy yourself, consider the engagement activities, the PR opportunities and the use of the Hospitality…and repent if you are not involved yet.

Now that it is clear that a partnership with your beloved team can impact on the bottom line and armed with a scientific explanation you can unleash your passion without feeling guilty…Because sponsoring your long-loved team can actually do wonder for your company as well.

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo was born in Giulianova, graduated in law at the University of Bologna and decided to do something else. After a stint at ISFORP (public relations training institute) in Milan, he moved to England. He began his career in London in PR, first at MSP Communication and then at Counsel Limited. Then, following his unhealthy passion for sport, he moved to Jean Paul Libert's SDC and started working in two and four-wheelers, this was in 1991/1992. A brief move to Monaco followed, where he worked alongside the owner of Pro COM, a sports marketing agency founded by Nelson Piquet. He returned to Italy and started working in the first person as RTR, first a consulting firm and then a sports marketing company. 
Back in 2001 RTR won the ESCA award for the best sports MKTG project in Italy in the year 2000. Among other things, RTR obtained the highest score among all categories and represented Italy in the ESCA European Contest. From that moment on, RTR will no longer participate in other national or international awards. Over the years he takes some satisfaction and swallows a lot of toads. But he is still here, writing in a disenchanted and simple manner, with the aim of giving practical (unsolicited) advice and food for thought.
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