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As one of the world’s most prominent footballing nations, there are quite literally thousands of articles that we could write that explore sports sponsorship in Germany when it comes to the world’s most most popular ball game.

Examples of successful football sponsorship campaigns include Deutsche Telekom and Bayern Munich, Volkswagen and Vfl Wolfsburg, Bayer and Bayer Leverkusen, and Red Bull and RB Leipzig. There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to football, Germany stands strong – and it utilises the world’s biggest brands to do it.

But what about Germany’s other key sporting fixtures – for example, its long-standing MotoGP race?

Germany has been a prominent inclusion on the MotoGP calendar since the 1950s, when races took place at various tracks as the sport strived to find a long-term home. Fast-forward to 1998, and the Sachsenring became the race’s newest venue – and this is where the race is held today.

When is the German MotoGP taking place?

This year’s German MotoGP is taking between 5th and 7th of July, when the world’s top MotoGP riders will flock to the Sachsenring track for a race that promises to be technically difficult and visually rewarding.

What will we be looking for at this year’s German MotoGP?

Marc Marquez, to no one’s surprise, has an exceptional record at Sachsenring. With the most wins (6), the most poles (6) and the record for fastest lap set in 2018, will any other rider be able to knock the Spaniard off his perch? Eyes will likely be on Valentino Rossi, who came second in 2018, and Andrea Dovizioso, who again is looking promising at this early stage of the championship.

Sports sponsorship in Germany: motorsports

Examples of international brands taking advantage of sports sponsorship in Germany, especially when it comes to motorsports, are easy to find. Germany has a long standing tradition in motorsports, with huge brands such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen competing in multiple series, from DTM to Formula1, from WRC to Formula E and so on.

In the world of F1, Mercedes will be the title sponsor of this year’s German GP: a very strong statement from F1’s top brand, who now sits top of the league in both the drivers’ and teams’ championship and has a number of marketing activities linked to the championship

Mercedes, and their archrival Porsche, will also make their debut in the sixth season of the Formula E championship (discover more about Formula E Sponsorship Agency or Motorsport Marketing Agency). The Stuttgart brand have unveiled their fully-electric challenger at this year’s Geneve auto show and will take to the grid for their first race in 2019-2020.

Sports sponsorship at the German MotoGP

In MotoGP, helmet manufacturer HJC (who has recently signed LCR Honda’s Cal Crutchlow as a testimonial) will play title sponsor at the 2019 Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland.

So, why have brands like HJC Helmets signed up as MotoGP sponsors? The German MotoGP attracts huge crowds, making it a sure-fire winner for brands who want to take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities that it offers. Add to this the race’s long history, the fact that the Sachsenring is very accessible for MotoGP fans based in Europe, and the relative wealth of European MotoGP fans in general, and you have a recipe for great ROI as a brand who wants to access this audience. If sports sponsorship in Germany is your aim, you could do much worse than getting involved with the German MotoGP.

So how can you take advantage of MotoGP as a platform for sports sponsorship in Germany? There are various ways, depending on your aims, budget, and the demographics you want to target. Could your campaign clearly demonstrate the value of your product, a la GoPro’s deal in 2015 that saw them become the first official wearable camera sponsorship of the championship? Or are you a food or beverage brand, that could become a supplier to the hospitality side of the event?

These are only a few options – there are many, many other ways that you can get involved in MotoGP and make sports sponsorship in Germany work for your brand.

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