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In the realm of motorsport, few competitions can match the intensity, adrenaline, and global following of the MotoGP World Championship. With its high-speed thrills and breathtaking maneuvers, MotoGP has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide. However, behind the roaring engines and the skillful riders lies a crucial element that drives the success of this prestigious event: sponsorship.

Welcome to, your hub for motorsport sponsorship news and updates. As a leading sports marketing agency specialized in motorsport sponsorship, we understand the pivotal role that sponsorship plays in the MotoGP World Championship. In this article, we bring you an exclusive and comprehensive guide, shedding light on the complete list of sponsors for the highly anticipated 2023 MotoGP season.

MotoGP: A Legendary Championship

First established in 1949, MotoGP has evolved into the pinnacle of motorcycle road racing. With its fiercely contested races held on legendary tracks around the world, this championship showcases the ultimate fusion of technology, speed, and human skill. The MotoGP World Championship attracts a global audience, bringing together millions of passionate fans who eagerly follow every twist and turn in the exhilarating race for victory.

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The Importance of Sponsorship in MotoGP

In the modern era, sponsorship has become an integral part of professional sports. MotoGP is no exception. As teams strive for excellence on the track, the support of sponsors becomes crucial in ensuring their competitive edge. The financial backing, expertise, and resources provided by sponsors enable teams and riders to push boundaries, enhance performance, and chase their dreams of championship glory.

Sponsorship offers a mutually beneficial partnership for both parties involved. Sponsors gain valuable exposure, reaching millions of passionate fans who avidly follow the sport. By aligning their brands with the MotoGP World Championship, sponsors can tap into the emotional connection that fans have with the sport, enhancing brand visibility and loyalty.

For teams and riders, sponsorship translates into vital financial resources. The substantial costs associated with competing at the highest level demand significant investments in cutting-edge technology, equipment, and talent development. Sponsors play a pivotal role in financing these endeavors, enabling teams to remain competitive and pursue the constant pursuit of excellence.

The Evolution of MotoGP Sponsorship

Over the years, MotoGP sponsorship has witnessed remarkable growth and evolution. It has transitioned from mere branding on a rider’s suit or a team’s livery to a comprehensive partnership that encompasses various aspects of marketing and business development. Sponsors are no longer passive bystanders; they actively engage with teams, riders, and fans to create immersive experiences and leverage the immense popularity of the championship.

In the 2023 MotoGP season, an exciting array of sponsors has come forward to support the teams and riders on their quest for glory. From global corporations to niche brands, the sponsorship landscape is teeming with names that bring diverse expertise, innovation, and passion to the championship.

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All the sponsors for the 2023 MotoGP Season

Ducati Lenovo Team sponsors

Lenovo, Monster energy, Shell, Audi sport, Akrapovic, NetApp, Riello Ups, UnipolSai,, Autogrill, Pago Bancomat, Bosch, Carrera, Contadi Castaldi, Daiko, Diadora, Esaote, Flex-Box, Frecciarossa, Givi, Mission Winnow, Amaro Montenegro, Motorola, Parmacotto, Podium, Randstad, Sap, Vmoto, AVL racetech, Beta, Brembo, Cobo Group, Marelli, NGK Spark Plus, Relfexallen, Roboze, Siemens, Streparava, Tecno Elettro Impianti, Thermal Technology, VarGroup

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP sponsors

Monster Energy, Eneos Motor Oil, Blue Core, Yamalube, Akrapovic, Semakin di Depan, Mio, Beta, Alpinestars, VR46, Blu Cru, Gilles, RCB, Furukawa Electric, Debem, DID, NGK Spark Plugs, BMC air Filters, Pont Grup, Capit, 2D, Axalta, Yamaha, Michelin

Respol Honda MotoGP Team sponsors

Repsol, Red Bull, One Heart Satu Hati, One Heart Vietnam, Akrapovic, Castore, Estrella galicia, Asics, Yuasa, Iveco, Michelin, NGK Spark Plugs, Puig, RCB, RK, Shin Dengen, Snap on, Uchino, Eikoh, Endurance, GAT techtuit Group, Gigenseiki, Hidaka, Koganei Seiki , Pearl Giken , Samsung, Sasaki, SDK, Shinsei, Sprint Filter, Tokiwa, Uchida

Pramac Racing sponsors

Prima assicurazioni, Pramac, Kyrrex, Craft, Motul, Fiamm, Randstad, Wallife, Michelin, Akrapovic, Ixon, Sun Energy, WD40, Havas sports & Entertainment, 100%, Beta, Sprint Filter, CNC Racing, Accossato, Afam, Flex, WRS, AON, Cecchi, Cirfood, Birra Baladin, Marcello, Regina Chain, Blackzi, Lemarchesine, Diba70, Lemarchesine, Loggini Motor, RCB

KTM Factory Racing Team sponsors

Red Bull, Mobil 1, Akrapovic, Michelin, Cupra, WP, Motorex

GasGas Factory Racing Tech 3 sponsors

GasGas, Elf, WP, Pankl, Michelin, Blinker, Beta, RCB, RK Premium Sprocket, Capit, Akrapovic, Chateau Roc De Calon, Binocle Eyewear, Alpinestars, Caffè Giacomelli

LCR Castrol Honda sponsors

Givi, Castrol, SIFI, Rizoma, Agos, Lavor, Custom, Draco, Michelin, Sena, Estrella Galicia , CMS, Viar, Monster Energy, Fourteam, 110%, Flow-meter, Garnettrade, Zelos, Bacco, Beta

LCR Idemitsu Honda sponsors

Idemitsu, Givi, Rizoma, Custom, Michelin, CMS, FrenTubo, Lavor, 110%, Zelos, Sena, SIFI, Flow-Meter

Cryptodata RNF Racing sponsors

Cryptodata, WispR, Aprilia Racing, Green Power, Sterilgarda, Zixxar-net, Xiden, RNF, Estrella galicia, RCB, Shark, WRS, Ixon, Castrol, Beta, Regina Chain, SC Project, Michelin, Caffè Giacomelli, Ponte, Corte Scaletta, AirDry

Aprilia MotoGP Team sponsors

CareAR, Castrol, Case Hi, Came, Sky, Michelin, SC Project, Manpower Group, Marsh, Piaggio Group, Dellorto, BS Battery, Pan Compositi, Fast Trade, PBR, Yashi Computer,, Sharebot, Cima, Capit, 21, Ixon, Jet Prime, Beta, Sprint Filter, Italian Gesture, RCB, Regina Chain, Forch

Gresini Racing sponsors

Federal Oil, Aspira, Estrella Galicia, Guru, Oli, Antangin, Bold Rider, Modula, Battipay, Unibat, MS Glow, You all, Gianneschi, Risposta, DEA, Wonderful Indonesia, Alpinestars, Akrapovic, Azimut, Bacio della Luna, Berber, CHT, Kapriol, Michelin, Moto-Tron, Uma Racing, Valofin

Mooney VR46 Team sponsors

Mooney VR46 Team, Monster Energy, Bardahl, Sisal Fly me To, Cupra, VR46, Fila, Barracuda, Michelin, Akrapovic, Monitar, DID, Fassi, Schuler, Iveco, 958 Santero, Besta, Comoli Ferrari, HERO, Oakley, Capit

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