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Is it better to sponsor football or tennis?

God knows, there is not such a thing as a better sport. There are different clients, in different areas of the world, engaged in different activities in different industries. And these clients have different objectives and budgets.

Any and each of these elements decide which sport you should go for, so it is not the discipline itself that makes the difference but one’s own circumstances. Obviously, sports are different and have different values and sports are run by organizations and within them, there are teams or athletes that are different.

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So once you have found the right sport it is as important to find the right team/athlete. I remember a very sharp remark I heard ages ago while visiting an important food producer in Italy. It was related to a sponsorship they had in the past with a tennis player that was defined -to be polite- “not very talkative“.

Basically, you can choose the right sport (values perfectly aligned with your brand) perfectly run by the organizer and a winning tennis player THAT SIMPLY DOESN’T TALK. Obviously, you cannot change the attitude of a person, so it is better to check beforehand if the Testimonial is a good communicator and can add value to one of your events.

In fact, it could be very difficult to use THIS tennis player in your private event when you need an extra boost with the boss of that big supermarket chain that happens to be a great tennis fan…

But such is life, and if you do not check beforehand you’ll end up with a weak point and a missed opportunity. That’s why you need the support of an agency when planning your sports marketing operation.

So, first of all, aligned values, then popularity in the region, then TV and media coverage, then teams and organizers, then riders or athletes and their management and what they are capable of and willing to do outside the court, track or playfield.

When all the pieces of the jigsaw are put nicely together you can expect explosive results. In a few words, good planning is imperative.

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo nasce a Giulianova, si laurea in legge all’Università di Bologna e decide di fare altro, dopo un passaggio all’ ISFORP (istituto formazione relazioni pubbliche) di Milano si sposta in Inghilterra. Inizia la sua carriera lavorativa a Londra nelle PR, prima da MSP Communication e poi da Counsel Limited. Successivamente, seguendo la sua insana passione per lo sport, si trasferisce da SDC di Jean Paul Libert ed inizia a lavorare nelle due e nelle 4 ruote, siamo al 1991/1992. Segue un breve passaggio a Monaco, dove affianca il titolare di Pro COM, agenzia di sports marketing fondata da Nelson Piquet. Rientra in Italia e inizia ad operare in prima persona come RTR, prima studio di consulenza e poi società di marketing sportivo. 
Nel lontanissimo 2001 RTR vince il premio ESCA per la realizzazione del miglior progetto di MKTG sportivo in Italia nell’anno 2000. RTR tra l’altro ottiene il maggior punteggio tra tutte le categorie e rappresenta L’Italia nel Contest Europeo Esca. Da quel momento, RTR non parteciperà più ad altri premi nazionali o internazionali. Nel corso degli anni si toglie alcune soddisfazioni e ingoia un sacco di rospi. Ma è ancora qua, scrive in maniera disincantata e semplice, con l’obiettivo di dare consigli pratici (non richiesti) e spunti di riflessione.
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