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The Yamaha MotoPark tour got underway on March 7th from Pontecagnano. By June it will have taken in 9 cities and as many shopping centres in Italy, inviting the public to discover the world of Yamaha from a close-up perspective.

The events, produced and managed by RTR Sports Marketing in conjunction with nine of the eighty legs of the GP Race FASTWEB Tour 2008, of which Yamaha is a partner, transform the external areas of shopping centres into theme parks that provide a starting point for demo ride activities and a basis for riding courses on Yamaha motorbikes, under the patronage of the FMI (Italian Motorcycling Federation).

The Yamaha MotoPark tour has been devised to involve various sections of the public. Thanks to the demo rides, anyone aged eighteen or over with a current motorcycle licence will have the chance to choose one of the Yamaha models available, testing it for around 20 minutes over a predetermined route.

The riding courses on the other hand are dedicated to beginners, aged over 18 or from 14 upwards if accompanied by their parents, who wish to approach the world of motorcycling: astride a Yamaha motorcycle or scooter, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of safe riding, thanks to a 30-minute individual lesson held by one of the FMI’s dedicated instructors.

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