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Ducati Team Licensing Deal

2010 – 2011 – 2012

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Flowey, a leading Luxembourg Company on a European level in the production of car and motor vehicle care products, and Ducati, the historical Italian motorcycle manufacturer, have signed a licensing agreement, thanks to RTR Sports Marketing, a leading Italian sports marketing agency.
The licence, which binds these two important trademarks for the next three years, concerns the production of a range of products under the Ducati trademark, devised for the care and cleaning of motorcycles. Ducati Wheel Cleaner, Ducati Bike General Cleaner, Ducati Bike Brillant Wax with relevant Polishing Cloth and Ducati Anti Insect: These are the names given to the new Flowey-Ducati line, dedicated and intended for motorbike lovers.
Thanks to this significant licence agreement, Flowey will be able to develop positive synergies with Ducati and its sales network and communicate with a new consumer target. In other words, all the two-wheel lovers, whether they are “Ducati fans” or not, will be able to “cuddle” their motorbikes with quality products, deserving the legendary “Reds of Borgo Panigale”.

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