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Vidivici – Brand Exalt Cycle

Oliver Kahn

2005, 2006

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VidiVici, a Bologna-based company founded in 1996 by the Danzi family, designs, manufactures and markets eyeglasses, sunglasses and pre-mounted glasses of high quality and sophistication. The company has managed in just a few years to position itself among the leading companies in the sector, distinguishing itself through the constant innovation of its lines. Thanks to its business strategies and product excellence, VidiVici Italia is now present all over the world and has signed agreements with major international distributors.

The company’s flagship brand is the Exalt Cycle collection, characterized by extreme models, designed with a street style rich in technical innovations, an exclusive product with aggressive and trendy shapes, which has had great success abroad as well.
In order to make the most of this brand and conquer larger and larger slices of the market, RTR has selected an exceptional testimonial for VidiVici. In fact, the Exalt Cycle 2005 collection will be able to count on award-winning goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, one of the most popular soccer players in Germany and beyond. Goalkeeper of Bayern Munich and captain of the German national team, three times named the best goalkeeper in the world and a living legend for all soccer fans, Oliver Kahn undoubtedly represents the ideal testimonial, able to embody the brand’s values of grit and sportsmanship and at the same time a driving force in those markets where VidiVici is trending well: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The partnership between the Danzi family’s house brand and the German goalkeeper will last until 2006, ahead of the upcoming World Cup to be held in Germany. Kahn, who is sure to be among the major protagonists of the event, will wear Ipanema and Negroni models from the Exalt Cycle 2005 collection on all public and private occasions and will lend his image for POP materials for the most important and prestigious German opticians. This will give the brand considerable visibility, which will be made even more significant by the great media impact offered by one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

RTR distinguished itself again on this occasion by selecting the sportsman best suited to the client’s strategies and objectives and using the sports universe as an effective communication and marketing tool.

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