Brand:  Canon SpA
Project:  Co- Marketing Duracell Bunny Tour
Timing:  November – December, 2013

CANON Spa participated as co-marketer in the Duracell Bunny Tour 2003. The tour, which started on September 30th and ended before Christmas, involved 12 of the most important shopping centers in Northern, Central and Southern Italy in as many events of 3 days each.

The operation proved to be very engaging and exciting, especially for the children, who were the protagonists of some simple skills tests that allowed them to win nice prizes and a souvenir photo taken by a professional photographer chosen by Canon for the occasion.

Thanks to the collaboration of Canon, in fact, which provided all the necessary equipment consisting mainly of a digital camera and laser printer, it was possible to print the photos in real time and distribute them to the children and mothers who participated in the various animations.

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