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Motorsports are synonyms with efficiency and reliability. The same efficiency and reliability, combined with low consumption, that consumers seek in the electric appliances they purchase.

Shared values: reliability

These values are common to all motorsports disciplines. You win if you get to the finish line, and you get to the finish line if you have a reliable motorbike. The level of reliability is the same you expect from the high-quality products you have in your home.

Storytelling on reliability may be the foundation to build upon for an electrical appliance manufacturer who is willing to sponsor the MotoGP. Do not forget that the teams can punch (and consequently use) a limited number of engines to race the competitions of an entire season. Consequently, the engines must operate tirelessly and flawlessly over time, exactly like the motor in your washing machine. High performances, however, must imperatively be supported by uncommon durability, the same durability you expect from the products you have invested in. Moreover, if you consider that such engines are extremely high performing and reach power levels of around 300HP for 1000, it is easy to understand how reliability is a founding value. A value you should leverage for your communications.

Shared values: efficiency and low consumption

Needless to say, reliability is one of the many features that may be associated with motorsports. Another one is reduced consumption, where “reduced” means inconceivably low up to a few years ago. The fuel tank of a motorcycle in the MotoGP category can be filled with 22 liters: in this case too parallelisms with the pursuit of efficiency are easy to make in communications. A quick, reliable and low consuming washer-drier is anybody’s wish! Is it true that dishwashers are so efficient that they consume less water than required for hand wash-up? Isn’t water a finite resource? According to the BBC, the answer seems to be “yes, it is”.

But there is more to this

If you consider that the races of the championship are hosted in the most important world markets,  you will easily understand that sponsoring the MotoGP will offer you the opportunity to organize promotional initiatives by which you may take your customers from the shops to the racing tracks. This represents a great advantage over your competitors. Value consistency, storytelling and promotional activities will thus become a way to reward your customers with unique experiences. A nice tool in your marketing toolbox.

Lateral thinking

The washer-dryer (and the whole world of detergents and laundry accessories) is extremely important in the economy of a racing team on the tracks. This was evidenced some years ago by P&G, one of the most talented corporations marketing-wise, when they decided to join the sector with one of their brands, TIDE, and they did so for quite a while. This concept may be applied to almost all sports where the players are required to proudly wear uniforms in perfect conditions.

Let’s take a look at a wider angle

TV screens and fridges are very popular and under pressure. Efficiency is a hot issue with them too as they are required to be operational at all times and to guarantee low consumption. A MotoGP team hosts on average 250/300 people every race, with peaks that are twice this value in some GP races. Fridges are strategic appliances for the team: a refreshing drink is something you would never deny to anyone. What would happen if the space available was narrow and could only fit a limited number of fridges? The answer is very simple! The time required for the fridges to cool the drinks must be shorter. This shows that the pursuit of high-quality performances is the ultimate target of electrical appliances too. Although they may seem to be miles away from racing, they still offer stories to tell and different angles to impress the fans, showing aspects and nuances which are not for everybody to see.

What about TV sets? Always on and showing the race track?

What would happen if a racer could not follow the trends of the racing times during the test sessions because a screen blows out? Do you think he would feel comfortable, with adrenaline flowing like a river? This is the reason why teams always have the best technical equipment: the purpose is to avoid any such inconvenience.

What about computers? Computers are key devices used to collect and examine data coming from the multitude of sensors installed on the motorcycles. What would happen if the team computers had a bug and could not be used? The race would risk being compromised and this is really inconceivable. Computers are key for the execution of the necessary activities (including for motorcycle engineering, of course) and for the management of all aspects which a special company like a racing team does with their help.

These are just a few examples which could be extended to include induction tops for kitchens, wi-fi routers, tumble driers and hair driers, headsets to listen to music, mixers, and any other item – and there is plenty of them – which belong to the category of consumer electronics and are indispensable to a MotoGP Team.

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
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