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There is a very strong link between the exceptional results of corporate sponsorship and the commitment and effort put by the CMO’s: you need great management to accept the challenge and reap the rewards.

There’s a big question lingering here: are you ready to put in some extra effort and to get bigger returns for your brand than those you would get by using traditional advertising? Then sponsor sports, art, and music. Embrace charity or any other cause that is loved and cared about from your target. Become relevant to your target audience doing something they love.

Go the extra mile?

Aren’t you ready to put in that extra effort? Are you already satisfied with what you get from more traditional media and tools? Stick to the usual advertising then. And if it doesn’t work blame the economic situation, the market, volatility or Donald Trump.

It could seem quite a provocative beginning to the story, but it is simply the truth.

corporate sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is possibly the most powerful tool for any marketer, providing, just to give an example, the possibility to gain immediate brand awareness and to build a powerful emotional bond with their customers. Those customers who have already decided to watch, who are already engaged. We are not talking about begging a mere two seconds of attention here.

Don’t you believe me? Check this: 

A Corporate Sponsorship programme provide an endless possibility to organize promotions, PR Activities, or, why not, to think about co-branded products and limited editions. One can use corporate sponsorship packages with hospitalities to engage internal and external targets or maybe to invite that particularly difficult client you are so desperately trying to build a better relationship with.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of building a corporate sponsorship program and it could already be overwhelming, but if you want to play safe, if you do not want to squeeze too much your brain, if you do not want to navigate in unchartered water…then stick to the traditional tools and do not expect anything different from what you can read at the following link:

Quite simply sponsorship requires from the team that manages the activities a bigger effort than traditional adv. Ok flexibility can be fantastic and you can create a stunning program that overcomes any fixed objective, but do you really bother? Isn’t it easier to safely brief a good advertising agency and a media buyer and to spread your message on the traditional media and on any social platforms? Be sure that when your ad is on millions of people will be checking their phone notifications, minding their own business, washing dishes or simply skipping it… and as you can read below, someone has already noticed it:

But if you want to make that little extra effort, as the biggest advertiser of the world is doing at the moment ( then give sponsorship a try and be prepared to reap the rewards, just call a corporate sponsorship company like us. And be ready to push hard.

Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo nasce a Giulianova, si laurea in legge all’Università di Bologna e decide di fare altro, dopo un passaggio all’ ISFORP (istituto formazione relazioni pubbliche) di Milano si sposta in Inghilterra. Inizia la sua carriera lavorativa a Londra nelle PR, prima da MSP Communication e poi da Counsel Limited. Successivamente, seguendo la sua insana passione per lo sport, si trasferisce da SDC di Jean Paul Libert ed inizia a lavorare nelle due e nelle 4 ruote, siamo al 1991/1992. Segue un breve passaggio a Monaco, dove affianca il titolare di Pro COM, agenzia di sports marketing fondata da Nelson Piquet. Rientra in Italia e inizia ad operare in prima persona come RTR, prima studio di consulenza e poi società di marketing sportivo. 
Nel lontanissimo 2001 RTR vince il premio ESCA per la realizzazione del miglior progetto di MKTG sportivo in Italia nell’anno 2000. RTR tra l’altro ottiene il maggior punteggio tra tutte le categorie e rappresenta L’Italia nel Contest Europeo Esca. Da quel momento, RTR non parteciperà più ad altri premi nazionali o internazionali. Nel corso degli anni si toglie alcune soddisfazioni e ingoia un sacco di rospi. Ma è ancora qua, scrive in maniera disincantata e semplice, con l’obiettivo di dare consigli pratici (non richiesti) e spunti di riflessione.
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