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Formula 1 is one of the most widely followed motorsports worldwide, making it a highly sought-after sponsorship opportunity for companies looking to reach a massive audience.

However, as with any high-profile event, the cost of sponsorship can be steep. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of sponsorship costs available in Formula 1 and their associated costs.

Differences in F1 sponsorship cost

F1 Team Sponsorship cost

F1 teams often partner with companies to promote their brand and products. This type of sponsorship includes branding on the car, team clothing, and other team-related materials. It also provides premium hospitality at races and opportunities to create PR and social media content. The cost of team sponsorship varies widely but generally falls in the range of $1 million to $50 million per year.

F1 Team Technology Partnership cost

Another popular form of sponsorship in Formula 1 is technology partnership. This involves a company partnering with a team to provide technology or engineering expertise. The cost of technology partnerships varies, but again it typically falls in the range of $1 million to $10 million per year.

F1 Championship Official sponsorship cost

Companies can become official partners of Formula 1, which provides extensive branding opportunities, including trackside advertising and activation, rights to use the Formula 1 logo, and premium hospitality. The cost of becoming an official partner is estimated to be between $ 5 million and $50 million per year.

F1 Single Race Sponsorship Cost

Sponsoring a specific race is another option for companies looking to get involved in Formula 1.

Trackside advertising, in-circuit billboards and branding, exclusive activation and engagement opportunities are usually part of this kind of deal. The cost of race sponsorship varies, but generally falls in the range of $1 million to $5 million per race.

In conclusion, sponsoring Formula 1 can be an excellent way to promote a brand and reach a massive global audience. However, the cost of sponsorship varies widely depending on the type of sponsorship and the level of exposure and activation desired. Companies should carefully consider their objectives and budget when choosing a Formula 1 sponsorship package, but they can also consult with a Formula 1 sponsorship agency like RTR Sports Marketing for guidance.

There’s more…

In addition to the aforementioned types of sponsorship packages available in Formula 1, there are also other avenues for companies to get involved in this highly popular motorsport. One such avenue is through driver sponsorship. This involves sponsoring a specific driver or drivers and having their name and logo featured prominently on their helmet, and racing suit. The cost of driver sponsorship can vary depending on the popularity and success of the driver, but it can range from $500K dollars to several million dollars per year.

Additionally, companies can also get involved in Formula 1 through hospitality and events. This includes hosting guests in luxury suites and providing them with exclusive access to team garages and pit lanes. Companies can also host events during the race weekend, such as parties and product launches. The cost of hospitality and event sponsorship can vary depending on the level of exclusivity and access provided, but it can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars per event.

The high ROIs of Formula 1 Sponsorship

It’s worth noting that while the cost of sponsorship in Formula 1 can be significant, the benefits can be equally impressive. Formula 1 attracts millions of fans worldwide, and the exposure that comes with sponsoring a team or event can be invaluable. The high level of engagement and media coverage also means that sponsors can reach a highly targeted audience, making it a worthwhile investment for companies looking to expand their reach.

In conclusion, while the cost of sponsorship in Formula 1 can be steep, the potential benefits are substantial. Whether through team sponsorship, technology partnerships, official partnerships, race sponsorship, driver sponsorship, product placement, or hospitality and events, companies can reach a massive audience and promote their brand on a global stage. It’s important to carefully consider objectives and budget when choosing a sponsorship option, but the potential returns make it a valuable investment for many companies.


Timfilbert, Lando Norris drives the McLaren MCL36 during the 2022 British Grand Prix at Silverstone circuit, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
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  • Melvin Howar

    Hello! I’m interested in learning the cost of having ones logo positioned on the different places onto the team jumpsuit? From collar to arms upper torso front and back lower torso front and back legs right and left upper middle and lower?

    • Emanuele Venturoli

      That’s a very specific question and one that’s impossible to answer i’m afraid, without learning more about the goals, target markets and overall outlook of the sponsorship. It’s unlikely for a logo to appear only on the driver’s suit, as these are usually part of larger deals.

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