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Following the example of his brother, the younger Márquez saved his first international title at the last Grand Prix in front of his home crowd. After a thrilling race, he finished third, with was enough to beat Miller in the overall standing, even if the aussie has won the race.

Miller started very well, with his opponent Márquez in fourth position, but it wasn’t going to be an easy race for both of them. Basically, Miller had to open the gap between him and Márquez, with as many riders between them as possible. He tried to slow down the leading group, that included himself, Isaac Viñales, Niccolò Antonelli and Márquez, so that the group behind them closed up and hindered Márquez.

His plan worked out, with the following Danny Kent, Alex Rins and Efren Vazquez, closing up on Márquez. The fight got on and on, with plenty of overtaking maneuver and lead changes, but ultimately everything worked out for Álex Márquez.

Finally, Miller crossed the flag as winner, with Viñales and the new world champion behind him. They were followed by Danny Kent, who had tried to help out Miller, since his Husqvarna actually is a KTM, Márquez’ teammate Alex Rins, Efren Vazquez and Polesetter Niccolò Antonelli. All of them were involved in the fight up front, but couldn’t keep up or made a mistake earlier.

The Top Ten in the Moto3 class was completed by Miguel Oliveira, Brad Binder and Miller’s teammate Karel Hanika. Niklas Ajo, Jorge Navarro, Scott Deroue, Jules Danilo, Gabriel Rodrigo and Philipp Oettl crashed out of the race, but luckily every rider remained unhurt.

In the Moto2 class, the champion was already decided and starting from Pole Position. Esteve „Tito“ Rabat started usual good into the race, with a strong Tom Lüthi behind him. This formation stuck throughout the whole race, althrough Lüthi attacked the spaniard several times, but couldn’t hold the line and therefor had to give the lead back to Rabat.

The two had an immense lead over the following riders, naming Franco Morbidelli, Johann Zarco and Dominique Aegerter. This didn’t changed until the end, but on the finish straight, Rabat’s bike ran out of fuel and slowed down. This left the win to a completely surprised Lüthi, who couldn’t really believe what just happened.

But since Rabat has his world title already secure, it wasn’t too much of a disappointment for him. Behind the two leaders, frenchman Johann Zarco crossed the finish line as third, since Franco Morbidelli had crashed earlier in the race.

By that point, he leaded a pretty lonesome race, with Luis Salom following him as fourth.

Aegerter, who had been fifth at the beginning and fourth after Morbidelli’s drop-out, fell back to sixth position, where he ended the race behind a constant Xavier Simeon in fifth place. All of them had a more or less big space between each other, so real fights weren’t to be seen.

The Top Ten was completed by brit Sam Lowes, german Marcel Schrötter and aussie Anthony West. Next to Franco Morbidelli, also Axel Pons, Mattia Pasini, Lucas Mahias, Julian Simon and Sandro Cortese couldn’t end the race with seeing the checkered flag. After an incident, that both left unhurt, Maverick Viñales and Mika Kallio weren’t able to rejoin the race, which left the second place in the championship to the finn Kallio.


Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo nasce a Giulianova, si laurea in legge all’Università di Bologna e decide di fare altro, dopo un passaggio all’ ISFORP (istituto formazione relazioni pubbliche) di Milano si sposta in Inghilterra. Inizia la sua carriera lavorativa a Londra nelle PR, prima da MSP Communication e poi da Counsel Limited. Successivamente, seguendo la sua insana passione per lo sport, si trasferisce da SDC di Jean Paul Libert ed inizia a lavorare nelle due e nelle 4 ruote, siamo al 1991/1992. Segue un breve passaggio a Monaco, dove affianca il titolare di Pro COM, agenzia di sports marketing fondata da Nelson Piquet. Rientra in Italia e inizia ad operare in prima persona come RTR, prima studio di consulenza e poi società di marketing sportivo. Nel lontanissimo 2001 RTR vince il premio ESCA per la realizzazione del miglior progetto di MKTG sportivo in Italia nell’anno 2000. RTR tra l’altro ottiene il maggior punteggio tra tutte le categorie e rappresenta L’Italia nel Contest Europeo Esca. Da quel momento, RTR non parteciperà più ad altri premi nazionali o internazionali. Nel corso degli anni si toglie alcune soddisfazioni e ingoia un sacco di rospi. Ma è ancora qua, scrive in maniera disincantata e semplice, con l’obiettivo di dare consigli pratici (non richiesti) e spunti di riflessione.
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