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The Clinica mobile is a medical facility established in the seventies that has been travelling with the world MotoGP and SuperBike championships ever since. It represents an excellent opportunity for businesses and groups both in and outside the pharmaceutical industry. Visibility in the paddock and much more: an amazing story to tell, placement and use of the  product in extreme conditions, and hospitality opportunities.


Many changes have occurred since the first Clinica Mobile appeared at the Paul Ricard circuit in 1977 which have made the clinic the now very modern and ever present facility in the paddock of the two major motorcycle racing world championships. One thing has been left unaltered, though: the spirit shown by Dr Costa, first, and Dr Zasa, at present, in their approach to sports medicine.

One glimpse inside the doors of the clinic is enough to understand that there is far more than medicine enclosed in these travelling walls. The clinic is the place where riders and Team members can find physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes, scrupulous medical check-ups, as well as a strong, constant feeling of being home.

In light of these peculiarities and the key role it has in the Motorcycle Racing World Championship, the Clinica Mobile also represents an excellent opportunity for worldwide businesses and groups to make themselves known to their markets, even outside the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

The lines in this post are intended to provide an insight into the benefits originating from a partnership with the Clinica Mobile, to highlight its high communication potential and some more interesting aspects.


The clinic is a well-consolidated reality and it plays a central role in the Motorcycle Racing World Championship. Becoming a sponsor first of all means offering the brand visibility in the paddock, as well as through the online and offline communication channels and specialised media of the clinic (please read the exquisite post by GPone It is worth pointing out that the Clinica Mobile also owns a permanent facility in Piacenza, which is a multidisciplinary clinic for sports people, in addition to the two facilities deployed during the MotoGP and SuperBike motorcycle racing world championships.

Product Placement

Sponsoring the Clinica Mobile and supplementing the partnership with the supply of products is an excellent opportunity for any pharmaceutical company to demonstrate the quality of their products and services. The clinic provides treatment and rehabilitation to the most popular world riders in an effective and quick manner, and on the field. A strong contribution to its success is given by the use of the best products and the most advanced technologies. Manufacturers of medical devices, producers of medicines, materials for physiotherapy and first aid medication, in addition to any product pertaining to fitness, wellness, an appropriate diet and health can enjoy significant benefits from a partnership with the clinic. Another advantage may be the chance to make specific products, ranging from user-friendly training equipment to the latest electronic gadget, visible to an elite of sports people.


Besides the area where medical services are delivered to the athletes, the new Clinica Mobile consists in a two-level facility including a large area for guests and one of the most beautiful terraces of the MotoGP. When it comes to hospitality, the Clinica Mobile is no way inferior to team and sponsor hospitalities and it can offer its partners a full immersion experience in the MotoGP and SuperBike paddock.

Communication Rights

As is the case with every sports partnership, businesses will be given the opportunity to use the image, logo and name of the clinic for marketing and communication activities on their websites, letterhead, pop-up materials and ADV, and so on. This adds up to the very often mentioned benefits in terms of message effectiveness which products linked to the world of health, proper diet, pharmaceuticals and medical devices can enjoy from the use of the definition “official sponsor of the Clinica Mobile”.

A magical place

Last but not least, an often disregarded aspect is that the Clinica Mobile serves all riders of the motorcycle racing world championship without any distinction of nationality, Team or racing class. Valentino RossiMarc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and the riders of Moto3 – all paddock riders, none excluded – can enjoy the services of the clinic, and this really makes it a unique place. The facility run by Dr Zasa is thus a privileged view point and a place where guests can from time to time meet the many and different protagonists of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship, irrespective of the colours they wear.

Editor’s note: the image in this post is taken from the exquisite article by GPone mentioned in the initial lines.


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