Corman and Clinica Mobile

For the second year in a row, multinational pharma powerhouse Corman has renewed its sponsorship agreement with the Clinica Mobile: through the partnership, Corman’s Medipresteril products will hit the MotoGP and SBK paddock, with a full range of band-aids, gauzes and disinfectants sure to provide top-notch treatment and dressing when necessary.

Established in 1947 by Corrado Mantovani, after 70 years’ history and a steady evolution, due to continuous changes of scenery, Corman can now be defined as a successful and acknowledged company both in the Italian and in the foreign market.

It’s therefore no wonder their quality, passion and pursuit of excellence make Corman the ideal partner for a sporting health institution such as the Clinica Mobile, now a worldwide icon for riders and athletes.

Thanks to the sponsorship agreement, Corman will not only enjoy worldwide visibility for their brand and the highest-possible endorsement for their products but also gain one-of-a-kind communication rights and hospitality opportunities.

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