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Gillette Group Italy Spa – Brand Braun Minipimer

Minipimer Tour

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

About Project

Gillette Group wanted to promote its latest innovation, the newest version of the Braun Minipimer mixer; RTR was asked to take care of this and then came up with the idea of a tour of shopping centers around Italy.
The new Braun Minipimer it’s even more powerful and versatile, thus becoming indispensable for all those who, for necessity or choice, prefer an easier, faster and more creative way of cooking.

The tour will start in April and, over a period of nine months, it will visit 34 of all the more important and popular shopping centers of Northern and Central Italy.
The promotion will center around a stand located in the main hall of the shopping centers; there will be a steward and a hostess welcoming the customers and offering them dishes freshly prepared using Minipimer, whilst at the same time giving them information on all its functions and characteristics.

It will be a great opportunity for creating a direct connection between the customers and the company; not only the customers will be able to test and try this new and unique product, but they will also see all their curiosities satisfied by suggestions and advices given by real experts.

The tour has also revealed interesting opportunities to create great collaborations between successful companies, and RTR has set out to study what kind of operations could be thought of for such a “co-marketing” campaign.
Partners to the whole promotional tour will be Philadelphia Kraft, as the basic ingredient for all the recipes, Haier, as the fridges provider, the Georgia Pacific Group Italia with its “Tutto Pannocarta” and finally Carapelli with its fine selection of oils.
The first dates of the tour have received a successful response from the public, and this only goes to reaffirm RTR qualities in projecting and organizing dynamic promotional activities for its customers.

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