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The provisional 2023 FIA Formula E calendar has been released and is set to welcome new stages, such as India and Brazil, as well as a long-awaited new generation of single-seaters. So everything seems ready for Season 9: this is the longest season in Formula E history so far, with 13 host countries and 18 races (2 more than last year).

Still two unknowns as to who will host the electric championship and one among them will stage the double round on Saturday and Sunday.

Let’s take a look together at the appointments ahead.

The Formula E 2023 Calendar

R1 Mexico City, Mexico January 14
R2 Diriyah, Saudi Arabia January 27
R3 Diriyah, Saudi Arabia January 28
R4 Hyderabad, India* February 11
R5 To be Determined February 25
R6 To be Determined February 26
R7 Sao Paulo, Brazil* March 25
R8 Berlin, Germany April 22
R9 Monaco, Monaco May 6
R10 Seoul, South Korea May 20
R11 Seoul, South Korea May 21
R12 Jakarta, Indonesia June 3
R13 Jakarta, Indonesia June 4
R14 To Be Determined June 24
R15 Rome, Italy July 15
R16 Rome, Italy July 16
R17 London, UK July 29
R18 London, UK July 30

The Pre-Season for initial testing will be held in Valencia on December 11 for about 3 days. Instead, the inaugural race will be on January 14 in Mexico and no longer in Saudi Arabia, as was the case last season. In fact, the Diriyah circuit will host the next race and it will be the first with double rounds on January 27 and 28.

It will then fly for the first time to India, where Hyderabad will take center stage in the third single-round race on Feb. 11, preceding the host city yet to be determined (but still scheduled for Feb. 25 and 26).

After a break of about a month, Sao Paulo will also be ready on March 25 for the first full-electric open-wheel event on Brazilian soil.

After these “jaunts” between East and West, it lands in Europe with two E-Prix: the first in Berlin on April 22 and the second in Munich on May 6.

Separating two more European stops such as Rome and London, there will be another trip to the Asian continent(South Koreaand Indonesia) and the last unknown host city that we will soon find out.

Season 9 of FIA Formula E will end on July 30 in the UK, for a total duration of about six months.

Below, we leave a free PDF download of the 2023 Formula E calendar.

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