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Since last year we have been witnessing a relentless approach of Romanian companies to sponsorship in Motorsport.

Specifically, these are technology companies that have thrown themselves heart and soul into the two most prestigious disciplines of 2 and 4 wheels: the MotoGP world championship
and the F1 world championship.

As we shall see, these are high-impact sports marketing operations with presumably considerable budgets, and of which sponsorship, as always in such cases, is the tip of the iceberg.

It began in 2022 CryptoData with the titling of the MotoGP Austrian Grand Prix, again CryptoData followed this up with the acquisition of a majority stake in the RNF Yamaha team renamed RNF CryptoDATA so it will handle marketing and commercial activities, leaving track operations to the old ownership…and since appetite comes with eating in 2023 we find CryptoData also engaged with the Alfa Romeo IN F1 team “After acquiring the former MotoGP team RNF Yamaha, which is currently RNF CryptoDATA, we felt we could do even more, to develop the reputation and image of the company and the products we develop, and that is how we ended up in a partnership with Alfa Romeo Sauber, on the one hand as technical partners, on the other as sponsors,” reports a company press release published by

MotoGP cryptodata

But it’s not just CryptoData that’s getting noticed in the world of Motors

It was announced in September 2022 that Bitdefender, a Romanian cybersecurity company, will work alongside Ferrari for the next few years. “Bitdefender shares with Scuderia Ferrari a legacy of excellence and a proven track record of building innovative, cutting-edge technologies to achieve winning results,” said Florin Talpes, Co-founder and CEO. “When every second counts, only the most advanced cars win races on the track, and only the most advanced technology has the power to effectively prevent, defend and respond to cyber attacks. Partnering with Scuderia Ferrari, the most iconic Formula 1 team, is a natural fit for Bitdefender. We look forward to accelerating our brand awareness as we remain focused on providing our customers around the world with state-of-the-art cybersecurity protection.”

sainz helmet

Let’s start with politics, it is always men who make the difference

On the occasion of XdayParis, Romania’s very young Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization, 37-year-old Sebastian Burduja shares the following tweet with his followers:


Proving that capable and up-to-date people can create a competitive advantage.
And that Romania is accelerating strongly in new technologies is evident when one considers that the defenestration of Nicolae Ceausescu and his failed management of the nation is from relatively near 1989. So one wonders what is going on in Romania, some data we extrapolate from the international Trade administration ( make us understand.

“Romania leads Europe and is sixth in the world in the number of certified IT specialists, with density rates per 1,000 population higher than those in the United States or Russia.

Romania also hosts the new EU Competence Center for Cybersecurity and is home to an impressive number of international technology companies (including Amazon, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, etc.), with 50 of the largest technology companies in Romania having quadrupled their operations and teams in recent years.
Romania also scores high in terms of telecommunication networks and Internet speed.

Software and IT services in Romania

The Romanian software and IT services market has grown substantially and is likely to become the most important contributor to local GDP in the medium to long term.

Information security

The cybersecurity market in Romania is still emerging. Romania has the highest rate of technology workers per capita in Europe in this sector.

Starting in 2021, Bucharest hosted the European Center of Industrial, Technological and Research Expertise on Cybersecurity, a hub for distributing EU and national funding for cybersecurity research projects.

The role of the EU Cyber Centre is to strengthen the EU’s resilience, deterrence and response to cyber attacks, with the goal of maintaining and developing the technological cybersecurity capabilities essential to securing the EU’s Digital Single Market (DSM). The Competence Center will implement parts of the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programs by awarding grants and executing contracts.

As for cyber education, more than 15 cybersecurity programs have been developed nationwide in the 2019-2020 academic year at more than 11 colleges and universities on topics ranging from cybersecurity of military information systems, cryptography and digital investigations to machine learning and network security.”

Skills and infrastructure, here are the reasons for so much momentum

We are in a perfect situation for the market of Hi Tech companies that can take advantage of a lot of trained and hopeful young people. The result a host of ambitious start-ups ready to think big. Sponsorship is thus being properly used by those companies in the industry that are already establishing themselves as a tool to increase their status.

Status and perceived reliability of relatively new companies that need to establish themselves in the international market and do not enjoy the same allure as their Silicon valley peers. Nothing better than to associate with sports such as MotoGP and Formula 1 that embody the values needed to make this leap.


  • Because championships and teams represent the pinnacle of motorsport, and by associating with them you join the small club of top-tier brands.
  • Because the values of reliability, technology, speed, are all present in the disciplines we associate with.
  • Because the ever-expanding Grand Prix calendar contributes even more to making these kinds of operations very attractive.

It is a real traveling promotional platform that from March will touch the most important world markets…. What better opportunity for companies that wanted to broaden their horizons than to use bidding in high-impact B2B operations?

If you want to know how to best prepare for your entry into the leagues, what you need to purchase and prepare, which team to associate with, and how to optimize communication on all your social and non-social platforms you can turn to us. We have been operating for thirty years in motorsport sponsorships and will know how to accompany you on your journey by setting goals and control mechanisms to maximize your return on ‘investment.

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