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MotoGP sponsorship: the benefits of sponsoring Dorna, the rights holder of the championship

One aspect of MotoGP sponsorship that might not be immediately considered by those looking to invest in this area is a commercial partnership with Dorna, the rights holder of the MotoGP World Championship.

This is understandable: usually, when we think about MotoGP sponsorship, we think about some types of sponsorship that involves teams and riders. The personal connection that individual riders hold with fans and the passion that teams can ignite before and during the championship are often seen as the things that make the competition memorable, making them a focal point for brands looking to invest in sponsorship.

However, we can’t forget that there is an organization that works to plan and oversee every aspect of every Grand Prix and MotoGP event. It is this organization that ensures races run smoothly and are memorable for fans, as well as successful for teams and riders.

From the scheduling of races to booking of TV appearances, the work of the professionals of Dorna constitutes the backbone and the foundations of the MotoGP Championship. Today, we’ll talk about why a partnership with the MotoGP rights holder can lead to extraordinary commercial opportunities for brands.

Who are Dorna, the rights holder of the MotoGP Championship?

For almost three decades Dorna, a Spanish company headed by CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta, has been in charge of the world’s top motorcycle racing series.

Founded in Madrid in 1988 and taking on MotoGP in 1991, Dorna now has headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and Tokyo, making it a truly global organization.

Their responsibilities include the organization of MotoGP events, the setting up of fan zones, and the management of corporate hospitality programs. Dorna’s media and TV department are responsible for producing and distributing television broadcasts for the 208 countries in which MotoGP is aired, as well as on-site filming and the processing of timings and data.

Added to this is the daily management of websites, social media, and online shops. MotoGP is the strongest motoring series in the world in terms of social media, with an even greater reach and interaction than Formula 1 and NASCAR, proving Dorna’s expertise in this area.

And it’s not just MotoGP that they’re at the helm off – the Dorna team also manage the following events:

  • The World Superbike Championship
  • The FIM Enel MotoE World Cup
  • The FIM CEV Repsol
  • The Red Bull Rookies Cup
  • The Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup
  • The British Talent Cup

Clearly, Dorna are leaders in this field. With 59 events and 187 races across 17 countries each year, it is impossible to talk about racing on two wheels today without speaking of the Spanish giant.

Here are some reasons why you should consider sponsoring Dorna…

The certainty of the result

Sponsoring the MotoGP rights holder means a guaranteed presence for as long as you want your partnership to last. Whilst teams can perform badly and individual riders can fall out of favor, the championship itself and the events surrounding it have guaranteed visibility – whatever the outcome of individual races.

The MotoGP is a series in constant growth, with large, international television audiences and a huge number of dedicated fans heading to the circuits over the race weekends. Not only is awareness is guaranteed for sponsor brands, but there is also the certainty of having quality and quantity airtime regardless of who finishes first or second.

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In good company

Becoming a sponsor of the MotoGP World Championship means becoming part of an exclusive club, populated by the most extraordinary companies in the world. BMW, Michelin, DHL and Tissot are just some of the iconic, international companies that accompany the MotoGP Championship. These brands benefit from the marketing and communication possibilities of MotoGP, race after race and month after month, and in terms of brand positioning and B2B opportunities, there are huge benefits for sponsors in joining them.

Possibility of activation

It really is impossible not to mention the countless possibilities of activation that a sponsorship with Dorna can make possible. Becoming a sponsor of those who “make things happen” means swerving a number of potential obstacles, and opens up a world of new opportunity. The MotoGP sponsors can place their products in the official shop and in the fan zones and can use images and video of the MotoGP Championship for communication opportunities, for example. The opportunities for activation are endless.

Whilst other types of MotoGP sponsorship, of course, have their own rewards, all of the above is not automatically true for the sponsors of the teams or drivers, who can instead may have to operate within certain pre-prescribed boundaries – a sponsor of a team, for example, may not be allowed on-track signage or banners.

Becoming a title sponsor of the MotoGP Grand Prix

As a title sponsor of one or more Grand Prix, your brand would lend its name to specific championships around the world.

The title sponsorship of a Grand Prix guarantees the highest level of exposure possible during a single event, or multiple events if you want to extend your reach further. As the title sponsor, your brand would be widely visible for the whole of the Grand Prix (with impressive graphics at the most important points), and would be continuously mentioned on TV and in the media in the run-up to and during the event.

Examples of brands that have benefited hugely from becoming Grand Prix title sponsors include Red Bull (the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas), Oakley (the Italian Grand Prix Oakley), Movistar (the Grand Prix Movistar de Aragon), and GoPro (the GoPro British Grand Prix.) 

Official suppliers of the MotoGP World Championship  

During the MotoGP season, a number of highly selected companies play a key role in organizing, preparing and implementing the Grand Prix – providing goods, services and expertise, amongst many other things. Through working with Dorna they become the official suppliers of MotoGP – a group that has included supplier of electric tools DeWalt, historic truck manufacturer Scania, clothing producer Alpinestars, and Freixenet, creators of the iconic Cava with which all podiums are celebrated.

The value here is clear: top brands, paired with an iconic motor-racing competition, contributing step by step to the realization of this extraordinary show.

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