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If you’re thinking of investing in sports sponsorship, it’s important to know exactly what are the advantages of sponsorship in business.

Of course, it’s likely that you’re already asking this question, amongst others – for example, how can sports sponsorship help you connect with potential customers? How might your ROI be improved? And, maybe most importantly, how can the advantages of sponsorship in business be accurately utilised within campaigns that you might activate?

Here, we’ll try to do our best to explain what the benefits of investing in this area are for your business and why is sponsorship important in sport .

The advantages of sponsorship in business  

As we’ll learn, the advantages of sponsorship in business are numerous. And the area you’re likely to benefit most from, whether your sponsorship campaign is in MotoGP, or in another area of motorsport, or indeed in any other sport at all, is not only brand awareness.
Brand awareness is the tip of the iceberg, it is very important but it is only the obvious advantage that anyone can immediately spot, there are plenty more. 

Multi-platform campaigns

Sports sponsorship lends itself particularly well to brand awareness, because of the huge audiences that follow teams, tournaments, and championships – whether in person in stadiums or at matches/races, via television, or on social media. Often, audiences utilize a combination of all of these things, meaning your brand has the unique opportunity to catch their attention before and post-event, perhaps when they are engaging in debate over a decision or sharing highlights.

Targeting before, during and after events, both physically and online, and then again in the run-up to future races/matches/tournaments, is a sure-fire way of keeping the potential customers’ attention over an extended period, and addressing them on a platform that is native to them.

The more they see your brand, the more familiar they will become with it – and the more they’ll associate it with the sport that they’re passionate about following.

So you have a great opportunity to join the conversation, to supply information relevant to the fans, to build a huge database and to have a direct relationship with them. Sports-related Storytelling can go a long way to enlarge your social platforms when you have exclusive content that can be used to fuel the passion of your customers.

A targeted demographic

Because the demographics of those that buy tickets for, engage with and speak online about sport is so closely managed by teams for their own marketing purposes, brands with sports sponsorship activations in this space can view knowledge of the fanbase as one of the key advantages of sponsorship in business.

 Knowledge of the audience demographics means that your brand can make a strong business case for sponsorship, aligning with sports fans who have a need for your product or service and targeting them at key times to give the best possible chance of converting them into customers. The closer your typical customer demographic is to that of the sponsor team’s fans, the higher the likelihood of successful ROI.

B2B and corporate hospitality

In terms of B2B marketing, the advantages of sponsorship in business can’t be overestimated. A high-level corporate hospitality program, with gourmet meals, access to players or riders, and prime viewing spots, is a great way to thank your best clients and/or take business discussions out of the office and into a much more fun setting.

So, which sport has the most business advantage?

A final point. One sport that demonstrates the great advantages of sponsorship in business is MotoGP, which, with its flexibility due to multiples races across the world and hundreds of thousands of fans, offers prime opportunity to get your brand in front of relevant people.

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
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