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In the fast-paced world of motorsport, where the roar of engines and the pursuit of speed dominate, another race is silently unfolding – a race among technology giants to sponsor and partner with this globally beloved motorsport. Formula 1, MotoGP, Formula E and the other major series of racing have seen their fan base surge in all territories, also thanks to captivating TV shows and Netflix sensations like “Drive to Survive,” (which is set to return with a new season). Yet, the allure of motorsport extends beyond its on-track drama. Formula 1, for instance, is a sport characterized by unparalleled technical sophistication, and this has attracted a cadre of tech titans such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), AMD, Cognizant, Dell Technologies, and Oracle to forge strategic partnerships either with the Formula 1 organization itself or with specific teams.


The Technological Odyssey: Sponsors and Their Impact

Oracle: Elevating Performance with Data-Driven Precision

Oracle, a pioneer in cloud technology, recognizes the enormous potential that lies within Formula 1’s growing popularity, especially in the United States. Ariel Kelman, Oracle’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized that their partnership with Red Bull Racing has deepened significantly. This collaboration, which has evolved into Oracle Red Bull Racing, is all about leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services to enhance performance on race day, provide invaluable insights for up-and-coming drivers, and contribute to the design of Red Bull Powertrains’ next-generation engine. Oracle’s involvement is a testament to their commitment to driving technological innovation within the sport.

AWS: Unleashing the Power of Data

Amazon Web Services (AWS), as the official cloud service and machine learning provider for Formula 1 since 2018, has been instrumental in revolutionizing the sport. Rachel Thornton, AWS Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, underscores the unique dynamism of Formula 1. It not only pits the world’s finest drivers against each other but also challenges some of the most innovative engineers. AWS’s role extends beyond advertising and digital properties. It is about the compelling narrative of how cloud technology transforms Formula 1’s use of data for business purposes, resonating with leaders far beyond the racetrack. AWS brings this story to life, not just in words but also by offering customers the opportunity to experience Formula 1 firsthand at Grand Prix races.

Dell Technologies: Empowering Innovation

Dell Technologies, as the official technology partner of the McLaren Group and Formula 1 team since 2018, has aligned itself with a team that thrives on technology. Liz Matthews, Senior Vice President of Brand and Creative at Dell Technologies, emphasizes the central role of innovation in both organizations. Their sponsorship is not just about promoting their brand but also about actively contributing to the pursuit of excellence in performance through data-driven decision-making.

AMD: Powering Success through Brand Association

AMD, a longstanding sponsor of MotoGP in the early days and of Formula 1 since 2002, took their commitment a step further by partnering with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team in 2020. John Taylor, AMD’s Chief Marketing Officer, notes that associating the AMD brand with successful Formula 1 teams has a profound impact on brand consideration and preference. Formula 1 teams rely on AMD technology for designing cars, analyzing data, and running simulations, forging a strong brand association that resonates with audiences.

Cognizant: Meeting Global Reach, Sophistication, and Tech-Centricity

Tech services company Cognizant entered the Formula 1 sponsorship arena by partnering with Aston Martin’s F1 Team. Gaurav Chand, CMO of Cognizant, emphasizes three key criteria that guided their selection process: global reach, sophisticated client activation, and tech-centricity. Formula 1 emerged as the perfect fit across all three criteria. Their association with Formula 1 not only enhances brand visibility but also aligns with their strategic goals.

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Beyond the Checkered Flag: Measuring Sponsorship Success

Motorsport sponsorship is not for the faint-hearted, with multi-year deals sometimes reaching several Millions of dollars per season. However, the return on investment (ROI) goes far beyond broadcast brand exposure. Sponsors like AMD have seen a remarkable 14.5X ROI based on brand exposure alone. Engagement is a critical metric, with Dell Technologies reporting a staggering 50 percent boost in engagement among key audiences by incorporating McLaren into their campaigns*. But the partnership transcends mere numbers. It is about driving innovation and addressing critical global challenges, from sustainability to STEM education.

Formula 1: The Attraction Beyond Racing

Cognizant’s experience highlights the magnetic pull of Formula 1. It not only enhances brand perception but also influences talent retention and recruitment. The association with such a prestigious sport can sway decisions, as evidenced by an executive who chose to stay with Cognizant due to his son’s admiration for the brand’s presence on a Formula 1 car. Talent recruitment efforts have also been significantly bolstered by Formula 1 imagery, generating substantial interest and applications.

A Personal Touch: Enjoying the Journey

In the thrilling world of Formula 1, technology and innovation are the driving forces that propel the sport to new heights. Through strategic sponsorships, technology companies like Oracle, AWS, Dell Technologies, AMD, and Cognizant are not only shaping the future of racing but also creating a lasting impact beyond the checkered flag. As Formula 1 continues to captivate audiences worldwide, these partnerships exemplify the fusion of speed, precision, and innovation that defines this remarkable sport.

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* Source: Forbes

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