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Regione Emilia Romagna

Ducati Motor

2000, 2002, 2004

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According to the 7/98 Errani Law and the campaign aimed at tourist promotion of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, private enterprises can ask for their projects to be financed by public money. Every project is required to include a tourist offer, specifically created so to satisfy targeted customers and so to induce an economical return of a certain degree.

Every two years, Ducati Motor organizes what it calls “World Ducati Weekend” (WDW), a rally for Ducati lovers from all over the world. Location of the event is the track of Santa Monica in the Italian city of Misano Adriatico (RN). As a consequence of the amazing success that the 2000 edition had with its 23.000 visitors, Ducati Motor has decided to stretch the duration of the 2002 event, making it a weeklong and once again obtaining amazing results.

After a careful study of the 7/98 law, RTR has created a program according to which the Ducati Motor (with particular attention given to the WDW) projects could go on to become strong tools in the tourist promotion of the region Emilia Romagna and its Riviera.

Ducati lovers, from all over the world, could also take advantage of the promotional travel-packages, specifically created for the event. The average stay of every customer has been estimated to last three days, thus creating a large profit margin, especially when one considers that the event took place during low season. WDW represents for the region a unique opportunity to develop offers aimed at a public on “the road”.

Following this collaboration- and as a sign of the commitment Ducati feels towards the “motor-tourist”- Ducati Motor and the region have hand picked 20 tourist itineraries along the most characteristic paths of Emilia Romagna for motorists to enjoy. All the routes have been carefully described and published on a guidebook in the spring of 2001, following an advertising campaign for this initiative as well.

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