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Beiersdorf SpA – Brand Nivea For Men

Honda Gresini Racing


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Nivea for Men is the cosmetic line specifically studied and developed to suit men and their needs.

Fausto Gresini’s team, the Axo Honda Gresini Team, has won twice the title of world champion in the 125 category and is currently running the world championship in the 250 category with the official Honda bikes, the HRC.

In order to create a partnership between the two companies, RTR has developed an extraordinarily innovative marketing operation: setting of the campaign will be 20 of the major Italian shopping centers and tool of the operation will be an itinerant commercial platform that will put the interactive power of shopping centers to good use.

All customers purchasing a product from the Nivea for Men range will have the chance to take part in the drawing of a Honda scooter and will be able to test their abilities in riding a original Gresini Team’s videogame bike. The chance to ride the bike will be given also to all those customers who accept to answer a questionnaire for commercial research purposes.

Thanks to this simple, but effective system, Nivea for Men achieved numerous goals:

  • involvement and entertainment of customers, the engines of the operation being the curiosity and charm that the racing world arouses
  • knowledge of customer’s needs; thanks to the commercial research, Nivea for Men has been able to draw a precise profile of its targeted customer
  • brand awareness, thanks to the visibility offered by shopping centres • sharp increase in the product sales.
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