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24 Hours Business School and RTR Sports Marketing launch our country’s first master’s degree in Motorsport Marketing and Sponsorship. A specialization training project for those who want to approach the world of professional motorsports industry with expertise and practical knowledge of the field.

The first Master’s in Marketing and Sponsorship in Motorsport in our peninsula began on December 16, 2022: a project of 24ORE Business School and
RTR Sports Marketing
, which has been entrusted with the teaching and scientific direction. A five-weekend course totaling nearly 60 hours of lectures, with tutorials, theoretical and practical profiles and, most importantly, many top-notch guests.

The goal is to increase knowledge and education in a world-that of sports marketing-which is increasingly competitive and at the center of the public stage, training the next generation of sports, marketing and communication professionals. The focus is on marketing in the world of motor sports, of course: from Formula 1 to MotoGP, from Formula E to the new WEC starting this year.

Forms and guests

There are five areas into which the Master’s in Motorsport Marketing is divided, one for each weekend of classes.

The first module is devoted to an overview of the world of motorsport: players, peculiarities and relevance of the top two- and four-wheel series and relationship with other areas of the sport. Instead, the second event focuses on the techniques, tools and theory of sports marketing applied to motorsport. The third weekend of classes will focus on the core business of RTR sports, namely sponsorship in the world of motorsports, while the fourth module aims to delve into the vast world of sponsorship activation itself. Finally, to close the series, an in-depth look at media, PR and communication techniques.

There are many guests whose testimonies will provide course participants with a first-hand view of this world that is so fascinating but also so punctuated with specificities. They range from Livio Suppo, former Team Principal of Ducati, Honda and Suzuki MotoGP, to Jim Wright, commercial director of several Formula 1 and Fomula E racing teams, from Ferran Juncar, head of international sponsorships of Dorna Sports, up to Luca Pacitto, Fastweb’s longtime marketing director from whom so many memorable campaigns with sports greats were born. Also, managers, corporate hospitality managers, team owners and more for a truly top-notch panel of guests.


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Emanuele Venturoli
Emanuele Venturoli
A graduate in Public, Social and Political Communication from the University of Bologna, he has always been passionate about marketing, design and sport.
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