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how much does it cost to sponsor a motogp team?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at our e-mail address is this: how much does it cost to sponsor MotoGP? Unfortunately it is the classic question which is very difficult to give an answer, if not very nebulous.

If we tell you that a MotoGP sponsorship package could cost anything between few tens of thousands of Euros and 15 million, we’re telling you the truth – but this answer is unlikely to be very useful to you in practical terms.

Any and each sports sponsorship package is different, and every one is based on the actual needs of the company – so if a company wants to explore this sector the first thing that it must do is to set clear marketing and commercial objectives.

Keep in mind that if you have a product/service widely used by the teams you can consider sponsorship in kind/barter operations

First, establish what you need, the process

It’s a good idea to get in touch with RTR Sports Marketing if you want advice on any aspect of this, or if you want to talk about sports marketing or sponsorship in general.

If you do this, the first step will consist of an initial conversation to tell us your marketing and commercial objectives and how you would like to go about them – whether or not you want to use MotoGP as a marketing tool, for example.
From then on it’s our job to give you all the instruments you need to reach those objectives, and even to surpass them.

Based on these indications and your budget, our Sports Marketing experts will be able to suggest the best teams for you to potentially work with. We’ll start our journey by checking that your business aligns with the most appropriate team, available to be sponsored. This is because most sports sponsorship deals benefit from an exclusivity in their sector, which prevent a company intervening if a competitor is already there.

Sponsoring a MotoGP team: accessory costs

Bear in mind that MotoGP sponsorship, unlike traditional advertising activities, offers you a myriad of opportunities that you have to consider when putting together your potential budget – there are multiple options here, meaning that, depending on your aims and the audience reach you want to achieve, you could either go in relatively low or very high.

For example, if part of the marketing rights you’ve bought as part of your package includes the chance to use the team’s corporate hospitality facilities, you will need to consider the cost of hotels and logistics for your guests. This also applies to the linked activities you’ll need as part of your sports sponsorship activation – such as promotions, competitions, and customer engagement.

Sponsoring a MotoGP team: endless opportunities

After identifying the most appropriate teams for your sports sponsorship, we will study the various opportunities and will present you with the best possible package for your brand. We act as independent consultants so we can afford to always tell the truth – there’s no need for us to force the sale. The fact that we don’t have a limitation in terms of sports properties that we can offer is also a real advantage for all of those that work with us.

Only programs with a solid foundation stand the chance of being successful and lasting many years, and this is one of the key objectives for us at RTR Sports Marketing. Of course when this happens all parties benefit more deeply and in the longer term than they would in a “single shot”, shorter term, operation.

So, to quickly go back to our original question: a sponsorship in MotoGP is most likely to cost between 40,000 and 15 million Euros.

Before contacting RTR Sports Marketing…

To get the best from our initial chat, it helps if you come to us with a certain amount of information to start with. It’d be helpful if you could tell us:

  • Your business objectives
  • The budget that you’d like to invest

At RTR Sports Marketing we’d be delighted to help you to find the best solution for your sports marketing needs and to accompany you as you uncover all the possibilities that this area can offer. It’s a sector that can give you great satisfaction, as well as sound commercial and marketing results.

For your free consultancy please get in touch with us at or call +44 (0) 2071939706

Interested in sports sponsorship in general, or want to learn more about MotoGP? Time for a chat!

PS: after umpteenth requests, we have, as far as possible, deepened the theme of the cost of sponsorships in MotoGP giving some answers that were correct at the time of publication and indicate the different levels of budget necessary to sponsor a team of MotoGP. Have a look at the following link

From official Supplier to Title sponsor, numbers revealed.


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