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Formula E, alongside MotoE and Extreme-E, represents the forefront of a potential revolution in motorsport, harnessing alternative technologies. The key advantage of these series is their emission-free nature, allowing vehicles to explore new possibilities in racing. While MotoE competes on the same circuits as traditional combustion engine counterparts, 4-wheelers have the opportunity to race in unique settings. Extreme-E ventures into unprecedented naturalistic locations, while Formula E races in city centers, bringing the excitement closer to curious onlookers and fans. This unique propulsion and focus on sustainability attract a specific type of investor, presenting an alternative to traditional trophies.

The positive trend in viewership and revenue is evident, with over 300 million viewers tuning in during the season. Average year-on-year growth ranges from 25 to 32 percent.

Let’s now delve into the list of Formula E sponsors and explore the various sponsorships active for the current season, both at the organizational level and team-by-team.

Formula E Sponsorship

Formula E Main Partners:

  1. ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) serves as the official partner of the championship, prominently featured in the Formula E logo and titling. A half-Swiss, half-Swedish company, ABB operates in the energy, robotics, and automation sectors, utilizing the series as a platform to showcase its cutting-edge technologies. This partnership began in 2018 and is now in its sixth year.
  2. Julius Baer, a founding partner since the series’ inception in 2014, continues as a global partner until 2026. As Switzerland’s leading private wealth management bank, Julius Baer is primarily engaged in private capital and investment management.
  3. Hankook, a leading tire manufacturer, joined Formula E as an official supplier and partner in 2022. The championship serves as a testing ground for new production dynamics, with the race tires designed for both dry and wet conditions and made from 30 percent renewable materials, leading to significant material and emission savings.
  4. Sabic, a Saudi company with majority ownership by Aramco, is active in the oil industry, focusing on chemicals and industrial polymers. Its involvement in Formula E centers around the promotion of a program called Bluehero, aimed at developing innovative materials for the automotive sector to facilitate the transition to sustainable mobility.

Formula E Sponsorship

Formula E Technical Partners:

  1. Allianz, an insurance group, has been a partner of Formula E since its inaugural season. Within the paddock, it hosts the Allianz E-Village, a space dedicated to engaging the public on topics such as innovation, sustainability, and experimentation.
  2. Antofagasta Minerals, an Anglo-Chilean mining company, became a sponsor of the first E-Prix in Santiago, Chile, in 2018 and has since been an official partner of the entire series. As a leading global copper supplier, it views the electric car market as an important avenue for development and is transitioning its mining facilities to run on renewable energy, with plans to use 90% recycled or desalinated water by 2025.
  3. Bosch, a German multinational, is the world’s largest producer of automotive components, making it an integral part of the transition from thermal to electric propulsion. The Formula E Championship provides a suitable platform for Bosch to promote services aimed at micro-urban mobility and the cities of the future.
  4. Hugo Boss, a German luxury fashion brand, became Formula E’s first clothing partner in 2017. The brand supplies exclusive attire to the organization’s events and leverages the races in globally significant cities to promote its products and initiatives.
  5., a British company, offers institutional solutions for digital asset custody and trading, serving as the official partner of the series for all digital services for investors.
  6. DHL, a German logistics company, is the official logistics service of the championship. Handling more than 415 tons of material, including team equipment, cars, batteries, and tires, DHL executes its task sustainably, utilizing a multimodal platform integrating air, rail, and road transport while replacing fossil fuels with biofuel where possible.
  7. Heineken, one of the world’s largest brewers, enjoys a portfolio of over 300 premium brands. The urban setting of Formula E aligns perfectly with Heineken’s goal of providing race enjoyment without straying too far from home, and it uses the paddock as an ideal venue to promote its “Brewing a Better World” campaign, advocating responsible consumption.
  8. Moët & Chandon has been the official champagne of Formula E for five seasons, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by committing to reduce its carbon footprint in production and safeguard biodiversity.
  9. Saudia, the Saudi flag carrier, has been an official partner of the series for the past four years, offering connections to and from all grand prix venues and providing dedicated spectator experiences through its “Take your seat” campaign.
  10. Swiss brand Tag Heuer has been a partner of the Championship since its inception in 2014, serving as the official timing system in the series. The company offsets its emissions through dedicated projects in Switzerland, and it also holds the title sponsorship of Team Porsche.

Formula E continues to welcome new companies interested in joining this innovative and sustainable motorsport movement. For inquiries on becoming part of this world, you can get in touch with RTR Sports at

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