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What do we do when racing is not on? “We ride” says a man in the crowd, and he’s right. But what do we do when racing is not on and we cannot ride? We sit on the couch and watch other people (much faster people) riding. 

While MotoGP films -and motorcycle racing documentaries in general (“TT. Closer to the edge”, you cant miss it)- are nothing new, there’s a newfound passion for long video features about the greatest sport on earth. This is also thanks to some sponsors’, namely energy drinks, content marketing strategy: docu-films and motogp films, extend the display of the brand, create far-from-the-race experiences amplifying the brand’s message and – ultimately- generate PR ops and social media buzz.

Best MotoGP doc or best MotoGP movies to watch?

As a motorsport sponsorship agency we can’t unseen the reason behind productions such as “Undaunted” or “VR46 – The Doctor” and we must tip our hats to these exciting marketing stunts. Also, we cannot stress enough how important these products have been during the long months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when racing was on halt and bikes were in the garage. 

However, you do not need to work in a sports marketing company to appreciate the beauty of these movies. If you’re passionate of two-wheel racing, grab a soda and some pop-corn: it’s time for the top 5 MotoGP documentaries. 


Top 6 MotoGP documentaries and series and Where to Watch Them, RTR SportsFaster

Where to watch: Rent on YouTube

Fueled by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s massive “Whatever happened to my rock and roll”, “Faster” is a masterpiece right off the trailer. The fact that Ewan McGregor is narrating it makes the whole thing even more epic, partially because the man could read the phone book and sound amazing and partially because you can hear all the passion of true, authentic petrolhead. 

This docufilm is far from new, being released in 2003, but stil holds the top spot of this list today for its power and shot of adrenaline. Directed by Mark Neale, Faster is a mind-numbing mix of smoking bikes, huge crashes, punk rock music, fast-cutting editing, masterfully-delivered commentary and not-so-polished riders that’s closer to Trainspotting than to a sports feature.


Top 6 MotoGP documentaries and series and Where to Watch Them, RTR SportsHitting the Apex

Where to watch: Rent on Youtube

Stay on the motorcycle” says Brad Pitt’s voice, while images of the terrible crashes suffered by Marquez at Mugello and Lorenzo at Assen fill the screen. It’s powerful, and for bike lovers this is nothing short than another great line delivered by Pitt trying to explain the rules to a very particular club.

Hitting the Apex, another episode of Mark Neale’s MotoGP series, premiered in 2015 and features 6 of the fastest riders from the last decade of motorcycle racing: Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Marco Simoncelli, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner. Neale’s work this time indulges quite a lot on the feuds, both on track and off track, between the riders, putting the infamous Simoncelli VS Lorenzo and Pedrosa under the limelight.

There’s a lot of exclusive interviews and behind-the scenes material here, but once again it’s the editing and the overall feeling of adrenaline and thrill that make this documentary jolly good. 


Top 6 MotoGP documentaries and series and Where to Watch Them, RTR SportsAndrea Dovizioso – Undaunted

Where to watch: Red Bull TV

“You see, that’s the problem with today’s MotoGP” -says Andrea Dovizioso, tapping the palm of the other hand with a finger, the Italian way of saying they have eventually reached the main moment of their discussion- “the problem is you have a lot of material, a lot of media content, but nothing is genuine, nothing is true. This is true”.

Coming hot off Red Bull’s media house, Undaunted (which is also the nickname Dovizioso had printed on the back of his leathers) covers Dovi’s 2019 season in absolutely grand fashion. The quality of the footage is stellar, which is no surprise if we consider how high the energy drink has set the bar in the past years, but is the whole perspective on the sport that is somehow a revolution for MotoGP.

Far from the frenzy and the glamour of the paddock, away from Ducati’s bling and PR powerhouse, Dovizioso is often portrayed drenched in muddy motocross gear, eating carbonara pasta from a plastic dish in front of an RV or changing a band-aid in the parking lot of some Ducth EuropeCar agency. 

It’s an interesting take on a little-known world, because, after all, what happens to racers when they are not racing? What’s behind the scenes? Undaunted takes you there and lets you explore the thoughts and the routine behind one of MotoGP’s most loved men. There’s not much else, really, so if it’s not Andrea you’re interested in, this may not be your cup of tea. If you’re a fan, on the other hand, this is a must watch. 


Top 6 MotoGP documentaries and series and Where to Watch Them, RTR SportsMarc Marquez – Unlimited

Where to watch Marc Marquez documentary film: Red Bull TV

I wonder whether the guys at Honda were entirely happy when they saw that a good 10 minutes of Red Bull’s feature revolved around the RC213V’s engine brake problem. “The thing with Marc is that when the bike, or the engine in this case, is not at 100%, he comes in and puts in the extra work” says Santi Hernandez to stress the concept, just in case you have missed it.

Starting with the horrendous crash in Thailand in 2019 and moving on to the way Marc Márquez finds form and manages to win yet another World Championship, Unlimited is the story of Marc Marquez’s eight title. There’s a lot of physical conditioning, a lot of training, a lot of studying and a lot of talking: from Quartararo to Dovizioso, form Lorenzo to Alberto Puig. And there’s a lot of behind the scenes, too, as you would expect in a documentary that’s put together and produced by one of his long-time partners.  

The long and the short of it is that Unlimited is a very good documentary, with exceptional footage and plenty of great interviews and guests. It’s just not great, but because it can’t be. There’s no underdog here, no grand story of revenge and fighting against all odds. It’s the story of the best man on the grid, who is supposed to win and -well- wins.

Top 6 MotoGP documentaries and series and Where to Watch Them, RTR SportsVR46 – The Doctor

Where to watch: Free on YouTube

Divided into five 10-minute episodes, “The Doctor” is Monster Energy’s answer to the glorious amount of motorsport-themed documentary produced by arch-rival Red Bull. Of course, it features their hottest property: the one and only Valentino Rossi.

If pretty much on the planet knows a thing or two about the man -he’s from Tavullia, he owns a ranch, he has a yellow 46 painted on the front of his motorcycle- “The Doctor” actually takes some time to indulge on the little details. Valentino, as one could expect, does much of the talking, but there’s also a jolly mix of characters and appearances, deliberately thrown in the mix in random order. And we must admit it’s pretty fun to hear Yamaha Racing Managing Director Lin Jarvis and the pizza chef from Tavullia’s Pizzeria Da Rossi. 

Don’t expect elaborate storytelling or philosophical insight. “The Doctor”, as the man himself, is pretty self-explanatory, straightforward and honest. If you’re a Rossi fan, you’ll binge-watch this in a late afternoon and end up happy and even fonder of the GOAT.

MotoGP Unlimited

MotoGP unlimited“MotoGP Unlimited” is an eight episodes series available on Amazon Prime Video, offering an ultimate fusion of adrenaline, speed, and behind-the-scenes insights from one of the world’s most competitive sports. This series is much like the “Drive to Survive” in F1, where everyone’s hungry for victory, yet there’s only one winner. The series provides an exclusive look into the MotoGP paddock, race direction start, and even the nerve-wracking moments just before crossing the finish line.

The first episode begins with a dramatic re-enactment of the injuries that saw Marc Márquez, the former MotoGP world champion, recovering from his almost career ending crash. Viewers will also experience the thrill of Jack Miller’s Ducati man journey as he spearheads the factory Ducati campaign. The Italian machine has been his choice, and he’s determined to win races, despite the competitive field. For Jack Miller, under immense pressure it is a thin line that separates triumph and disaster.

As a new rider in the paddock, Jorge Martín must make the most important decision of his career. With many seats available but none with the desired start, the young gun has to navigate a complex path to his first podium. In another episode, Valentino Rossi bids farewell to MotoGP after so many years. The Italian legend’s departure left many fans emotional, but as the saying goes, “The show must go on.” Rossi’s farewell is juxtaposed with the shortest winter break in MotoGP history, where teams and riders are already preparing for the next season.

Maverick Viñales and Fabio Quartararo, the Yamaha duo, are also featured as they unleash their potentials at their home circuit, the Barcelona Catalunya Circuit. Meanwhile, Joan Mir and Alex Rins start their campaign with Suzuki, aiming to secure the manufacturer’s title. Jack Miller going to the official Ducati Team and the related great expectations.

All these stories are made more compelling with the looming threat of a fatal crash, making the sport safer becomes a paramount concern. The series also features the highs and lows at iconic circuits like Le Mans and the Austrian Grand Prix. To watch this protected content, Amazon customers simply need to tap ‘watch’ on the video’s detail page. For any issues with viewing, they may need to adjust their site settings or contact Amazon customer service for further assistance.

“MotoGP Unlimited” takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, speeds close to 220 mph, and the drive to achieve just one goal – to become the MotoGP World Champion. It’s a must-watch series for all motorcycling fans and those interested in the intricate details of what happens before, during, and after each race. This is MotoGP like never before.


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