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Company:  Kraft Food Brand Philadelphia
Partnership:  Co-marketing Braun Minipimer Tour
Years:  Maggio-Settembre 2005

Kraft Food participated as main co-marketer in the Braun Minipimer Tour 2005, the itinerant promotional operation carried out for three consecutive years by RTR. The Tour, which year after year is gaining increasing success, touched twenty of the main shopping centers in Northern and Central Italy, stopping for three days, from Thursday to Saturday, in each location.

The company took this opportunity to launch a new product, Phladelphia Yo, a spreadable cheese based on partially skimmed yogurt. The promotion took place inside a carefully designed stand, animated by a stewart and a hostess who prepared and offered passersby sweet and savory spreads based on Philadelphia and Philadelphia Yo.

In addition to the tasting experience, Philadelphia has decided to involve passers-by by distributing nice recipe books in attractive format and colors with numerous recipes based on Philadelphia. The distribution of the cookbooks also had the effect of increasing the visibility of the brand and stimulating curiosity about the new product.

Through the Braun Minipimer Tour and the effectiveness of the co-marketing activity, RTR has consolidated the relationship with Braun and Kraft customers. By exploiting the high potential for contacts of large-scale distribution and the impact of a demonstration action conceived each year with originality, RTR confirms, in fact, the great expertise acquired in field marketing and in the organization of itinerant promotional actions; a skill that extends the boundaries of the common sectors of intervention of the sports marketing agency, demonstrating its flexibility.

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