Sponsorizzazioni MotoGP: CMS x LCR Honda MotoGP Team 2021

Dutch spare parts supplier CMS have entered their sixth year as an Official Sponsor for the LCR Honda MotoGP Team: an important milestone for both parties as they take to the quest for the 2021 MotoGP Championship, especially after such a difficult and complex year. CMS will be featured on both Alex Marquez and Taka Nakagami’s machines for the whole 2021 Season, with the iconic Racing boy being sported on the back fairing of both bikes and on the riders’ leathers. Once again, the deal was facilitated by RTR Sports Marketing’s consultancy, a proud player in all five years of the partnership.

Hailing from Lelystad, Netherlands, Consolidated Motor Parts (CMS) have a reputation for being a global market leader when it comes to motorcycling spare parts. With an impressive 11.000 square meters warehouse, CMS are able to serve parts for modern and classic bike dating back to the 50’s. A keen eye for quality, an excellent customer service and extensive consultancy on what parts will suit your bikes best have quickly launched CMS into worldwide recognition.

And when “motorbikes” is the name of the game, there’s hardly a better game than MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle racing and the oldest motoring series in the world. CMS and the LCR Honda Team have begun their successful fellowship back in 2016, based on the common values of passion and ambition, as both companies strive for greatness in their respective fields. Needless to say, these common goals remain today stronger than ever.

Guests at the track and B2B activities also play a role in this sponsorship, that’s designed to provide CMS with the endorsement, recognition and prestige of the pinnacle of two-wheel racing.

cms lcr honda sponsor
cms lcr honda sponsor
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