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MotoGP Sponsorship:
Corman x Clinica Mobile 2021

The sponsorship between parapharmaceutical company Corman and the Clinica Mobile, the health center for the MotoGP and World Superbike championships, gets a renewal for the 2021 MotoGP season. The partnership, which began in 2017 thanks to the advice and support of RTR Sports Marketing, reaches its fifth year: a clear indication of great results and effectiveness.

Led by Doctor Michele Zasa, the Clinica Mobile will be the perfect place for the Milan company and for its products dedicated to medication and first aid, with a keen eye for the Medipresteril Ialupro range.

Made available to the Clinica staff, who will be able to use them on riders and workers in the two-wheeled paddock, Corman products will not only experience the limelight of one of the greatest world competitions, but will undergo the most severe of tests. With this partnership, the pharma powerhouse is equipped not only with a powerful communication tool – thanks to the marketing benefits including the use of image, logo and reputation of the Clinic – but also with a traveling development and research platform for its line.

“It is important to see that a prestigious company like Corman wants to renew its collaboration in the world of sport, especially in a year like this – said Riccardo Tafà, Managing Director of RTR Sports. It is a sign that there is so much good in sponsorship, even when there is no public in the stands and even when conditions are not ideal”

Sponsorizzazioni: Corman e Clinica Mobile
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