Company:  Cofra srl- divisione Safety Shoes
Company:  Williams F1
Times:  1997/1998/1999

Cofra Safety Shoes is the division of Cofra specializing in work footwear, a sector growing quickly thanks to European standards that impose all companies to comply with high safety standards in the workplace (Law EEC 626).

The safety shoe, due to its heavy and old look, was reluctantly worn by youngster

The company’s goal was therefore to develop its products giving them a young and sporty connotations and, in doing so, to win the favor of even the most reluctant slice of the market.

The licensing that RTR has developed with the Williams F1 Team has allowed the company to create lines of work footwear under the Williams F1 – Cofra brand. Furthermore this agreement has allowed Cofra to use the name, fame and image of the team in every communication action.

The product was thus enriched with all those values ​​related to the most popular motorsport discipline and the world champion team in 1997. Overall, they were able to create a product and an image with strong appeal within younger workers; the sporting spirit linked to the world of engines represented a potential market of approximately 1,500,000 end users.

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