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Whitehall SpA – Brand Caltrate e Multicentrum

The race course by Julia Jones


About Project

Caltrate is one of Whitehall’s calcium supplements that can help in preventing osteoporosis, whilst Multicentrum is the company’s range of multivitamins-multiminerals supplements.
“Il corso di corsa di Julia Jones” (Julia Jones’ course on running), is an all-female initiative thanks to which women can rely on professional and qualified she-coach to teach a simple and natural way to start running and maybe even to begin a new physical activity.

Thanks to RTR collaboration, Caltrate has been the official sponsor of the 2001 spring-edition of the course: a total of 160 meetings all over Italy, in parks or shopping centers’ green-areas.

The course has proved itself to be perfectly in tune with Caltrate’s main communicative goals; as a matter of fact, “Il corso di corsa di Julia Jones” has brought the product closer to its targeted customers and has created with them a relationship based on mutual understanding. Whilst loosing its strictly medical appearance, Caltrate has also been able to re-affirm its highly authoritative and scientific background.

The partnership has also been extended to Multicentrum for the autumn-edition of the course; thus strengthening Whitehall’s message to its customers: Caltrate and Multicentrum as indispensable for every women, every day to stay healthy and fit.

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