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How much does a sponsorship in Formula 1 cost? What are the elements and factors that contribute to the price of a sponsorship in motorsport’s top championship? Then again, how do activations, hospitality affect the final sponsorship package, and how much more precise targeting can be achieved with a regional partnership?

To try to answer all these questions, RTR Sports Marketing has created the Formula 1 Sponsorship Calculator, a free reference tool for anyone interested in the world of sponsorship in Formula 1 for their brand, their business and for those who simply want to get an idea of the economics of one of the most extraordinary sectors of sports marketing.

The cost of sponsorship in F1: a foreword

It is necessary to make one thing clear right away: our sponsorship calculator is a pure consultation tool and cannot replace professional, vertical and accurate advice in the field. It serves to give an idea of the figures, an order of magnitude, and above all to make it clear that there are no standard sponsorship packages, only projects that are tailored and made according to the needs of the sponsoring companies.

Formula 1 is an exciting and complex world in which so many options and variables are at play.

Precisely with this in mind, our F1 Sponsorship Calculator is a simple exercisethat we have constructed based on our experience in the industry and with the intention of promoting a positive and transparent culture of the world of sponsorship in motorsport. The same, and in the same spirit, we did on the occasion of our
MotoGP Sponsorship Calculator

As you will see, there are no names: we have done this deliberately out of fairness to the teams we work with and because our calculator is not meant to be used to make an estimate, but to enter-better while having fun-inside a fascinating and greatly expanding world[/vc_column_text]

Sponsorship in Formula 1, in addition to the cost

Our F1 sponsorship calculator is a nice and convenient script that processes data and numbers based on your input. It is useful to understand that the size of the logo and the chances of a team’s success are only some of the elements involved in determining the price of a partnership in Formula 1.

However, and reiterating that this exercise of ours has but an academic purpose, it is always important to emphasize that the cost of sponsorship is only one of many factors in an equation that must necessarily start with a company’s business and marketing objectives and be declined to territories, targets, product types and much more. “How much does it cost?” in short, is an important question but not the only one. At the same time, it is not necessarily the case that the cost of sponsorship is, in itself, a guarantee of success. We have over the years seen numerous programs that are not pharaonic but beautifully constructed and managed-and therefore highly successful-so as not to strongly reiterate that creativity, planning, analysis and continuous fine tuning are the key to great results.



RTR Sports Marketing

If after playing with our calculator you feel like going deeper and continuing to reason about sponsorship in Formula 1, we are at your disposal. Since 1995, we have been in the business of providing sports marketing consulting to brands and companies that want to use the best of two and four wheels to better communicate with their customers and consumers.

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Managing Director for RTR Sports, Riccardo graduated in law at the University of Bologna. He began his career in London in PR, then started working in two and four-wheelers. A brief move to Monaco followed before returning to Italy. There he founded RTR, first a consulting firm and then a sports marketing company which, eventually, he moved back to London.
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