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Sponsorship, and in particular the
sports sponsorship
, is a powerful marketing and communication tool that allows companies and brands to reach out and talk to their target audience by engaging them in a moment of entertainment and leisure, without interrupting the show they are watching. Unlike classical advertising in fact, which stands between us and what we are watching, sports sponsorship is an integral part of matches, competitions or events. Not only does that sponsor not cause us any discomfort, but rather, over time we will learn to recognize it and remember it when making purchases.

Sports: a passion of everyone

Sports sponsorship leverages the passion and values that each sports discipline embodies and represents: sports accumulates and unites fans and spectators who follow sports across the globe.

In fact, all of us watch sports on TV or attend a soccer or tennis match as spectators, accompany our children to play basketball, go to the gym to exercise or to the swimming pool, and even if we are not avid fans we know what is happening in the world of sports because newspapers and television news programs update us daily on the most important events during full-bodied sports pages. Sports excites and involves everyone, young and old, women and men, but above all, it is an integral part of everyday life and modern culture.

There are clearly differences in target audiences among the various sports. If soccer is the sport that fascinates everyone around the world, as well as the
Formula 1
or the
, cricket, on the other hand, is more related to English or Indian territory. Similarly, basketball and American football are strong in the new continent, table tennis in China, rugby in the UK and Australia, and so on.

Similarly, each sport has a specific target audience that follows it: the audience passionate about sailing tends to be different from those who follow cycling, with different socio-cultural backgrounds and purchasing power. Companies that sponsor sports must take all these variables into account and choose rationally while avoiding personal passions and gut choices.

What about motorsport, how does it position itself?

Motors and speed have always fascinated a large segment of the population: technology, innovation, adrenaline, fun, internationality, glamour and exclusivity are just some of the values that identify the world of two and four wheels. As a result, sponsorship opportunities in motorsports are excellent and interesting on a strategic level for many companies: the wide television coverage and digital activation possibilities make these disciplines particularly attractive for marketing and communication. Formula 1, MotoGP and electric versions of the Formula E and Moto E allow companies not only to expose their brand globally, but also to leverage a unique platform of tools and content to build ad hoc activities and effectively engage their target audience.

MotoGP continues to grow and offer a diverse range of opportunities

In this scenario, MotoGP continues to have a dominant place. Born in 1949, it is the longest-running championship ever, visiting 16 countries on 5 continents with 19 grand prix. The average coverage is respectable: suffice it to say that it reaches more than 200 countries with the video signal, 22,208 hours of broadcasting, more than 432 million homes (source: Dorna).

The realization that it is a sport loved and followed by young people has meant that Dorna, the organizer of the championship, has invested in digital from the beginning and used it as a platform to easily reach and engage the target audience at all times and at the same time while also trying to expand it.

Digital, web, app and TV app

The overall digital profile of MotoGP is 62 percent between the ages of 18-34 and 28 percent between the ages of 34-54 (source: Dorna). The site is available in 6 languages and-along with the app-provides the user with a range of unique and exclusive content such as HD Live and OnDemand, special content for each Grand Prix, including live multi-camera video, Live Timing and audio commentary of free practice, qualifying and the race. Fans also have access to the highlights of the weekend, such as press conferences, interviews, and then more photos, special news, official results, documentaries and more, providing very extensive coverage of each GP.

With the ‘app for AppleTV, AndroidTV, FireTV and Roku available for TV, PC, tablet or smartphone, MotoGP™ also reshapes its video experience to create more accessible and engaging content, empowering users to not miss a single moment of what is happening during a Grand Prix.

This incredible wealth of content and images offer an unbeatable opportunity for companies investing in MotoGP sponsorships; the platform is so rich, one just has to have the imagination and creativity to make the most of it.

Social Media

Social is also growing steadily

The numbers coming from social media activities are also excellent and place MotoGP in the top spots in terms of visits in the sports world:

  • 12.2 billion impressions
  • 3 billion video views
  • 400 million engagements
  • 2.5 billion minutes viewed
  • 30 million global fans on social media platforms

Facebook leads the way, with nearly 14 million likes, followed by Instagram with 10.6 million followers, youtube with 4.05 million subscribers, 2.7 million Twitter followers, and 465K on TikTok. Through LinkedIn, corporate and behind-the-scenes content is also shared that can be leveraged by partners.

Not just video and digital: racetracks will explode with audiences again

Because of the current pandemic, one is almost afraid to talk about the on field activities, the audience, the spectators. But the stands will certainly become repopulated again with people eager to watch their idols compete. So let’s revisit for a moment where we left off in terms of numbers: in 2019, more than 2,860,000 spectators watched the races at the circuits, a number that has been steadily increasing over the years. TheMotoGP audience is a loyal one, returning to attend races over the years, more than 70 percent are under 35 years old, 65 percent have purchased a MotoGp-related product, and 78 percent would tend to purchase a product associated with MotoGP (source: Dorna).

The actual engagement

As a sports marketing agency, we have always been responsible for devising and coordinating promotional activities for our clients as well, including those that involved on-field engagement. This is because sponsorship cannot and should not be limited to just displaying a brand on the fairing of a motorcycle, but must also be leveraged and implemented through the various opportunities both B2B and B2C offers.

For example, the possibility of hosting their customers or prospects in the areas
MotoGP VIP Village
; are exclusive and pleasant settings where to do business in an informal and fun environment. We have realized over the past few months how much we miss the live experience and how beautiful and exciting it is to attend live sporting events and shows in general. We are confident that as soon as it is possible to return to the circuit in person, there will be even more interest and demand for hospitality from companies.

Then, on the other hand, we have B2C, that is, the ability to interact with thousands of people over two days, a plus that traveling marketing platforms like MotoGP can offer their sponsors and partners. In the commercial areas, in fact, companies can set up real booths or customized areas to tell and entertain the target audience on practice and race days; from pure entertainment, to sampling, to sales, the options and opportunities are many. The leisure and entertainment context makes any interaction with the audience easier and more effective.

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Silvia Schweiger
Silvia Schweiger
Associate Director, Executive Marketing and Commercial at RTR Sports Marketing, a London-based sports marketing company specializing in motorsport for over 25 years.
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