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Formula E, the electrifying apex of sustainable racing, has unveiled its highly-anticipated 2024 calendar, sparking waves of enthusiasm across the motorsport world. With 17 pulse-pounding races etched into the schedule, the new season marks an era of unprecedented global expansion for the championship, captivating fans, sponsors and stakeholders alike.

Kicking off this globetrotting Formula E odyssey is Mexico City on January 13, 2024, launching the season with high-octane action on the streets of the vibrant Mexican capital. The calendar then intricately traces a tapestry of thrills across 13 countries, delivering a kaleidoscopic spectacle that transcends borders and cultures.

Formula E calendar 2024: Tokyo makes its debut

The inclusion of Tokyo, making its debut as a host city, underscores Formula E’s ascendancy and broadening global appeal. The inaugural Tokyo E-Prix, slated for March 30, will see the futuristic Japanese megapolis illuminated with elite electric racing for the first time in an FIA world championship event. Undoubtedly, this will boost Tokyo’s sporting prestige while aligning with its environmentally progressive ethos. The race will rev up in the picturesque waterfront area of Odaiba, with the Tokyo Governor already voicing strong enthusiasm for the event.

While Tokyo may steal headlines, three tantalizing calendar slots remain unfilled, fueling feverish speculation among fans. Front-running contenders include Cape Town with its breathtaking natural vistas, the Indian city of Hyderabad, and potentially an additional US venue. Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds revealed both Spain and China are also under consideration, alongside ambitions of staging a race around Los Angeles’ iconic Dodgers Stadium in 2025.

Among other novel additions under discussion is the sun-kissed Spanish city of Malaga, which would mark another milestone in Formula E’s European expansion while establishing Spain as a major player in electric racing. If confirmed, hearing Formula E’s turbine-like powertrains reverberate through Malaga’s historic streets will be an unforgettable experience.

2024 Formula E calendar

Formula E 2024 Calendar: all the races

  1. Mexico City, Mexico – January 13th
  2. Diriyah, Saudi Arabia – January 26th
  3. Diriyah, Saudi Arabia – January 27th
  4. TBD – February 10th
  5. TBD – February 24th
  6. Sao Paulo, Brazil – March 16th
  7. Tokyo, Japan – March 30th
  8. Rome, Italy – April 13th
  9. Rome, Italy – April 14th
  10. Monaco, Monaco – April 27th
  11. Berlin, Germany – May 11th
  12. Berlin, Germany – May 12th
  13. TBD – May 25th
  14. Jakarta, Indonesia – June 8th
  15. Portland, USA – June 29th
  16. London, UK – Jul 20th
  17. London, UK, July 21st


Doubleheaders and iconic locations

Anchoring this blend of new horizons are much-loved staples of the Formula E universe. The calendar features several doubleheaders at evocative locations like Diriyah in Saudi Arabia, Sao Paulo‘s atmospheric Brazilian streets, the EUR district in Rome, and the glamorous Monaco Grand Prix circuit. Berlin, Jakarta, and the London finale complete this roster of Formula E hotspots, each ready to welcome fans with their unique sights, sounds and energy.

Crucially, the calendar adjustments demonstrate strategic foresight, avoiding clashes with major sporting events like the 2024 Paris Olympics, with the London doubleheader scheduled judiciously. This allows Formula E to maximize its viewership and exposure as it continues to gain prestige across the global sporting landscape.

But beyond the enthralling races and alluring venues, the 2023-24 season will underscore Formula E’s growth as the embodiment of sustainable racing. This fusion of established havens and emerging locations spotlights Formula E’s commitment to accelerating clean mobility and innovation worldwide.

The 2024 Formula E calendar: unprecedented thrill

In summary, the 2023-24 calendar promises to be a voyage of unprecedented thrill and outreach for Formula E. With the series broadening its horizons, decision-makers and potential sponsors can expect a season brimming with opportunities for strategic partnerships. The addition of Japan, the world’s third largest economy, further cements Formula E‘s ascent as the pinnacle of electric racing. This new chapter is set to showcase sustainable technology in iconic landscapes, reinforcing Formula E as the future of motorsport.

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