Sampling: SIFI VideoRelax at Misano World Circuit 2018

SIFI Videorelax Sampling at the 2018 Misano MotoGP

Catania-based pharma powerhouse SIFI had lots to celebrate at this 2018 San Marino and Riviera di Rimini round of the MotoGP World Championship. As Cal Crutchlow‘s SIFI-sponsored Honda RC213V roared to a magnificent podium finish in the premier class, a vast sampling operation was underway in the vending area of Circuit.

Thousands of samples of Videorelax, the new eye-care product launched by SIFI earlier this year, were distributed to the MotoGP crowd, who merrily attended the Misano round.

It was the second time for SIFI in the public area of the circuit, with their now-famous Cal Crutchlow-themed stand, two umbrella girls and several people of staff engaging the public. Samples of the three Videorelax sub-brands –Videorelax, Videorelax Ultra and Videorelax Bright– were handed to the people along with information about the product.

Also Lucio Cecchinello, Team Principal for the LCR Honda Team, payed a visit to the Stand for a meet-and-greet with the cheering crowds.

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