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Key in “MotoGP Sponsor Sticker” in any search engine and enter the vast world of sticker kits you can use to decorate your motorbike and scooter like the roaring bikes of MotoGP. For engine lovers, stickers are a sign of belonging to a community; for sponsorship people, they are an amazing marketing victory, for which sponsors and brands are quite thankful.

Scooters, stickers and life in the province

My first scooter is still clearly impressed in my memory: it was a black Malaguti F10 my father purchased in May 1998. In those days, for people like me who came from a provincial town in Emilia-Romagna, the first scooter was equally the object of desire and a synonym of freedom, but more importantly it was the canvas on which we could freely express our artistic and technical creativity. Although my engineering skills were never brilliant – replacing an exhaust was all I could do -, I was fascinated by the world of racing and I was eager to copy the aesthetics of the race prototypes. Those were the years of the Malossi and Abarth stickers, the above-mentioned Arrow and LeoVince exhausts, the wording on tyres filled with white UniPosca felt-tip markers,  the handle grips by ProGrip with fluo inserts, and the final touch, of course, the ever-present black direction indicators, which gave way to discussions with the Municipal Police who were not yet forward-looking enough to appreciate our creations.

Sticker kits for motorbikes and scooters

Many years later – almost twenty – the world of Sponsor Stickers, i.e. kits of decals you buy in specialised shops or online to customise your motorbike and scooter, is still alive and kicking. Open any search engine and key in “sponsor stickers”, “MotoGP sponsor stickers ” or “racing stickers” to find plenty of solutions of any shape, type, size and price whatsoever. After all, longing for closeness to our beloved riders and heroes is for grown-ups as well, and the passing of time does not cool down the feeling.

A budget of 15 to 20 Euro is enough to buy a set of stickers similar to those appearing on the bikes racing the MotoGP and Superbike on Sundays, as well as those involved in the Dakar and Touring races, to mention a couple more examples. The most cunning producers have also started producing kits of stickers divided by brands and Teams. Consumers can now buy the Honda HRC package, including the ever-present Repsol, Red Bull and SC decals, or the Yamaha package, including Monster Energy, Eneos and the triple Diapason, and so on. All brands are included, whether large or small: from main sponsors to technical sponsors you get whatever you need to make your experience more and more similar to reality – at least at graphical level.

Sponsor stickers and sports marketing

The approach of those involved in sports sponsorships like us at RTR Sports is to look at this phenomenon with special attention to marketing aspects and business repercussions.

Many times in this blog we have repeated that the motivations making sport and sports sponsorships an amazing communication tool is their ability to speak to the heart of consumers, going beyond the defence mechanisms that these erect against the advertising hype. Sport is the medium by which companies and consumers bond themselves into a marriage which, in most cases, becomes unbreakable to the extent that some consumers are willing to pay money to affix the logo of a brand on their favourite vehicle in order to feel closer to the discipline they are passionate fans of.

The proliferation of the market of sponsor stickers and racing decals is the evident implication of what we have several times defined as the secondary benefits of sponsorships, in other words all the advantages the sponsor companies enjoy that originate from the sponsorship agreement although they are not expressly laid down in the agreement signed with the properties. Sponsor stickers are two-sided: on the one hand, they are a clear indicator of how efficient the sponsorship tool is, while on the other this phenomenon produces results in terms of brand awareness and visibility that should not be forgotten. Castrol, Magneti MarelliShell, Repsol, Dunlop, Ohlins, Red Bull and Monster can enjoy a remarkably more enhanced exposure, and they do unknowingly. In the 90s, without even realizing it, we were all advertising vehicles for Malossi and Abarth which had become the object of our desire for the very reason we had seen them on our friends’ mopeds. The same applies today whenever we affix a sticker of Akrapovic or GoPro on our bike or scooter.

virtuous circle is triggered where the brand gives strength to the user, as it makes him/her feel closer to his/her favourite champion, and the user feeds new strength into the brand by giving it renewed visibility and credibility within his/her entourage of friends and acquaintances. This is one of many nuances that make sports sponsorship a truly stunning tool for any type of business.

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